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Free Chain Maille Tutorials (4/3/2013)

2013 April 3

Over the Rainbow Chain Maille

Over the Rainbow Chain Maille

Over the Rainbow Chain Maille Tutorial


I lovely simple chainmaille Bracelet, perfect for making to give as gifts ( did someone say Christmas?) completed quickly and inexpensively – perfect for the beginner!

4 Smashing Chainmaille Jewelry Designs for the DIYer


Chaimaille Jewelry is such an eye catcher! With it’s intricate patterns and delicate loops- it must be too difficult to attempt right? Nothing could be further from the truth! The tools for chainmaille are simple. You need chainmaille

Choo Choo Train Bracelet Chain Maille

Choo Choo Train Bracelet Chain Maille

How to make Choo Choo Train Bracelet Chain – Handmade-Jewelry


How to make Choo Choo Train Bracelet Chain Maille Tutorial T80. I like chain maille jewelry.. The combination of metals and beads make them so fun to play with! Using similar technique: European 1 in 4, I come up with 2 variations of

Bead Doctor TutorialChain Maille Spiral – Bead Barmy


So I have created a sparkling jewellery set using a chain maille technique. I have also added some of our gold accent oval beads from our fab fake ivory collection. I love these beads! Long winter evenings lend themselves to cozying up by the fire and learning a new beading technique. So, if you have never tried your hand at chain maille, now could be the perfect time to start.

Rhinos Snorting Drano Chain Maille

Rhinos Snorting Drano Chain Maille

Rhinos Snorting Drano Tutorial | Chain Maille Jewelry Patterns


The Rhinos Snorting Drano tutorial was a lot of fun to put together. I’ve always been intrigued by the name, so I decided to do a tutorial. This is one of the orbital patterns of chain maille.  An orbital ring is one that does not pass through any other ring; instead it passes around them.

Whirlybird Cabochon Chain Maille Jewelry Making Step By


This is a chain maille jewelry making project that uses combination of European 1 in 4 and Whirlybird techniques. It requires only basic supplies such as jump rings and beads. You can mix and match using different materials and colors of

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How to make chainmail, chainmaille Part 1

This first part discusses the supplies and the first few steps in making medieval chainmail/chainmaille.

How to Make Dragonscale Chain Maille – In this video, learn how to make the dragonscale variety of chain maille. This intricate weave is beautiful, and truly does …

How To Half Persian Chainmaille Tutorial

Mikey will show you how to complete chainmaille. He is doing a half persian technique. He is doing half persian because the links are too small to do a full …

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