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Right Angle Weave Seed Bead Patterns (3/27/2013)

2013 March 27

Right Angle Weave Beaded Heart

Right Angle Weave Beaded Heart

DIY Right Angle Weave Beaded Heart Tutorial – Handmade-Jewelry


The necklace is detachable so you can do variations with how you want to use the beaded heart. You can use cord as a necklace or you can also use chains. But first let’s make the beaded heart. The steps are really simple. All you need is a basic knowledge of right angle weaving technique. Follow the diagram how to add the beads and where the thread should pass.

DIY Double Needle Right Angle Weave Beading – Handmade


Double Needle Right Angle Weave is a quick way of weaving a RAW beading project. With Double Needle RAW you’ll be using left and right threads as you weave, going up, down, left, right and sideways in a figure 8 motion; thus, sometimes it’s called, the “Figure 8 Weave.” Just like with Single Needle RAW you can combine different sizes and shapes of beads. You can also embellish it and combine with other beading stitches.

Right Angle Weave Pearl Cuff

Right Angle Weave Pearl Cuff Pearl cuff 3/19/13

This lovely cuff is constructed using embellished right angle weave. I used 4mm and 6mm pearls, 11/o and 15/o seed beads and 3mm crystals or fire polished rounds. 

Learn to make jewelry making and beading


It’s a variation of the Double Needle Right Angle Weave, showing what you can do with the technique. The length of the necklace is 18 inches. The shape of the bicones when weaved into units of right angle weave creates a lace-like effect on the bicones, perfect for low-neck and V shaped outfit.

Simple Right Angle Weave Bracelet

Simple Right Angle Weave Bracelet

Simple Bracelet Pattern in PDF on Handmade Artists’ Shop


Quick and simple beaded bracelet pattern creates a pretty piece to wear. Made with 4mm and 6mm fire polished beads and size 11 seed beads, using right angle weave. Pattern shows how to make a beaded bracelet 5 3/4 inches long, with clasp 6 1/2 inches long and is 1/2 inch wide.

A New Angle on RightAngle Weave – Daily Blogs – Beading Daily


Are you someone who is struggling with learning how to do right-angle weave? If so, no worries — you’re not alone. The undulating thread path of right-angle weave can be a tough one to wrap your head around, but once you’ve mastered this popular off-loom bead-weaving stitch, you’ll wonder how you ever did without it!

Beaded Purse or Mobile Device Holder Tutorial

My aunt found a wedding dress covered in pearls. She took it to a consignment shop thinking it would be worth something but they didn’t want it. So she sent it to me. She told me to strip the pearls off of the dress because it wasn’t worth much.  I also got the red seed beads off of a red dress. I found at a thrift store it was damage so I got it pretty cheap.

Hugs and Kisses Beaded Earrings Tutorial

I love how you explain everything, not only how to do it but why, so we can adjust to whatever size of beads we use. Excellent tutorial, and well made video. Thanks for sharing such talent.

Flowers and Grapes beading tutorial – advanced beaders

I love this one, it will go very well with the “happy bracelet” and it’s also a great spring cleaning project to get rid of some Miyuki left over colors you will never buy again. Or you could just make it as gorgeous as you like with your favorite Miyuki seeds.

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