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Free Bead Embroidery Tutorials (3/20/2013)

2013 March 20

Bead Embroidery Cuff

Bead Embroidery Cuff

Bead Embroidery Bracelet – Where’s the Party? | Gail Nettles


My first love is freeform jewelry making — wirework, lampwork, beadweaving and naturally, bead embroidery. I have done two cuffs so far — the one above and one called “Harlequin’s Romance”.  But last year’s class only whetted my taste for the two I am taking this year.  Interestingly enough, they are both cuff classes…so who knows what I will come up with afterwards!

Golden Soutache Earrings – Bead Tutorial – LiveJournal


When it comes to bead embroidery, I’m quite new and also a beginner too. If you want to learn more about soutache embroidery, please check out Bead & Button June 2012.A knowledge on basic bead embroidery will also help you a lot. I learn soutache embroidery from Jodi Horgan’s Lady Mary pendant, very detail and easy to follow tutorial. Highly recommended!

Bead Embroidered Pin Cushion

Bead Embroidered Pin Cushion

All in beads: A Bead embroidered heavy pincushion tutorial


I don’t know if it will suit because it is not jewellery. The colours are blue, gold, green and purple. I have used 12 kinds of seed beads, some sequins and some glass beads. Take a small container, a tinlet/plastic or cardboard boxy/ etc. Measure a piece which you will have to bead embroider.

New Crystaleyes Tutorial | The Crimson Moon


I’ve finally finished my new eye pendant tutorial! It’s a little bit of beadweaving with a little bit of bead embroidery. All you need is an eye cabochon, some crystals and seed beads, and along with the usual bead embroidery essentials you’re ready to go! With detailed instructions and clear photographs it’s suitable for beginners.

Bead Embroidery with Silk

Bead Embroidery with Silk

Bead Embroidery Bracelet – “Gypsy’s Silk” | Beaded Jewelry Diva


You’ll notice that this is a little different from most bead embroidery; it’s closer to being mixed media.  Then again, bead embroidery really is mixed media in a way, since you are beading on some type of fabric or backing. The difference with this is that silk is being used as part of the bracelet.  It’s a type called Shibori…

Encasing a Cabochon with Bead Embroidery | The Crimson Moon


But another way to secure the cabochon is to use two rows of a simple bead embroidery technique called back stitch. Below is an excerpt from my Black Eyed Susan tutorial which shows how to do this, although for the glass eye cabochons I would suggest using size 8 beads for the base row and size 11 for the upper row to give a little more height.

[asa book]0871164388[/asa]

Seed Bead Embroidery with Katie Hacker

Seed bead embroidery, pinch bails TierraCast materials shown: 1″ Beaded Ring (94-3134) 6 Petal Link (94-3145) Royal Pinch Bail (94-5778) 8/0 Seed Bead (93-04…

Beading Lesson Beaded Coils See more by the Beading Queen at The Beaded Coil technique for beading on fabric. Developed by The Beading Queen, Nanc…

Absolute Beginners – Soutache Elements 2 – Accent (Chain) Circle & Accent Tuck Curl/Loop

This is the second in another set of video’s, this time showing how to create various design elements used in soutache. I have no idea how many video’s will …

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