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Easter Beading Patterns (3/25/2013)

2013 March 25

Here are some great projects do to this week in time for Easter!

An Easter Basket of Beaded Eggs

An Easter Basket of Beaded Eggs

Bead Origami: Easter Egg Basket


At about this same time last year I wrote up the Plum Egg beaded bead pattern, which was inspired by an origami structure of the same geometry. This year I put together something resembling what I was thinking of; not a whole Easter basket’s worth of Plum Eggs, but rather enough of them to fill a small glass candleholder.

Until We Bead Again, Beth Murr: Little Easter Bunny Bracelet


I finally got around to beading up this Little Easter Bunny bracelet and quickly decided I needed to redo the pattern… The grass looked likeĀ  something that should not be growing out of the back of a baby bunny. The blue was too blue and I took off the border. Here it is now in progress. Odd count flat peyote stitch.

Easter Beaded Pin Designs

Easter Beaded Pin Designs

Easter Beaded Pin Designs


Make fun pins for yourself and others to wear this Easter – check out these free Easter related beaded safety pin designs! Make beaded bunnies, chicks, baskets, and more. For every free pattern I provide, you will find a list that explains how many safety pins to use and what sizes to use.



EASTER BEADING. Hi Everyone! Hope you are all having a nice Easter in what ever way you celebrate. This of course is a Sandy Spivey cab with size 15/o Italian seed beads and 11/o Czech seed beads. The embellishment beads are Toho drops and flats.

Duck and Egg Easter Bracelet Pattern

Duck and Egg Easter Bracelet Pattern

Duck and Egg Easter Bracelet Pattern with Adjustable Clasp Bead


Celebrate Easter in style with this Duck and Egg bracelet! This is a pattern we released last year but have since added a cute little beaded duck clasp. We are now re releasing this pattern to include the extra instructions for the clasp! The clasp is adjustable to fit many different sizes of wrist!

Bead Origami: Fiberoptic “Egg” Beaded Bead


Along these lines, I recently wove a new variation of my Fiberoptic Duo design. The resulting beaded bead is oval-shaped, and slightly taller than the original octahedron. Maybe it’s because Easter is coming up, but it looks a little like an egg to me.

Beaded Bulb Ornament

A little beaded ornament cover I worked on. If you’d like to see a tutorial, let me know.

how i made my beaded easter eggs-tutorial prt 1

This is just to show you guys how i made the finished beaded easter eggs i showed you in one of my other videos.

How to make a Bunny Rabbit with Beads

Visit for complete instruction.

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