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Free Peyote Stitch Bead Patterns (2/5/2013)

2013 February 5

Peyote Stitch Football Jersey Earrings

Peyote Stitch Football Jersey Earrings

Beaded football jerseys – Editors’ Blog – Bead&Button Magazine


Are you ready for some football? Earlier today, I posted a photo on Facebook of these cute football jersey earrings Jane Danley Cruz made. A few people asked for instructions and they really couldn’t be easier, so here they are, with Jane’s permission, of course…

Peyote Stitch Patterns & Ideas


I would spend hours designing and creating bracelets and rings that were unique, beautiful, and satisfying to make. On this page, I want to share my love of peyote stitch with you. I have included here some basic skills information, patterns you can use, and a variety of tutorials for the more advanced stitcher.

Peyote Spiral Stitch Bracelet

Peyote Spiral Stitch Bracelet

New beading pattern – Spiral tubular peyote stitch –


There’s a new free pattern of mine just up on I call it Amethyst Ice. It uses basic tubular peyote stitch, and has undulations created by graduating bead sizes (a little like a smaller version of the Cellini spiral).

Peyote Stitch Bead Pattern: Bookmark made with Delica beads (odd


It’s an odd count peyote stitch pattern, and I used Delica beads size11/0 by Miyuki. I buy the bookmark I decorated with beads on this web site: You can also find the bead pattern on my website BeadsFriends.

Peyote Stitch with Twin Beads

Peyote Stitch with Twin Beads

Have You Tried Peyote Stitch with Twin Beads Yet? – Daily Blogs


I was so anxious to start playing with my new beads that I thought a good place to start would be working up peyote stitch in all of my favorite variations. Have you been looking for ways to start working with Twin beads? Start here!

FREE Featured Peyote Stitch Patterns – Handmade Jewelry Club


Peyote Stitch is a wonderful beading stitch. Its versatility can lead to various creations. Actually, Peyote Stitch may be difficult at first, but if you know the basic, immediately you can do wonders with it.

Flat even count Peyote Stitch: bead pattern with Delica beads size 15/0 | Beaded Jewelry

I created a new bead pattern to make a flat even count peyote stitch. I made my flat beadwork using Del…

Beaded bezeled mother of pearl disc with Peyote Stitch (Star Bead Pattern) | New Beadwork

In this video I want to show you a new bead pattern I made. I bezeled a mother of pearl disc with delic…

How To Read Even Count Tubular Peyote Stitch Patterns

How to Bead Even Count Tubular Peyote Stitch.

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