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Free Bead Embroidery Tutorials (2/15/2013)

2013 February 15


Bead Embroidered Button Pendant

Bead Embroidered Button Pendant

Turn a Pretty Button into A Easy Bead Embroidered Pendant


Turn a Pretty Button into A Easy Bead Embroidered Pendant Free Tutorials. This would be really lovely using a lampworked button, but I was asked to use a metal one for the tutorial/demo. For your first try, use a button with

Bead embroidery techniques | Blisstree


Welcome to another Technique Tuesday! I will be bringing you tips, techniques, and tutorials each Tuesday on Jewelry & Beading. Some of these posts will be what I call The Basics, which we will refer Please feel free to leave comments that share your favorite materials and methods for today’s topic.

Beaded Heart Brooch

Beaded Heart Brooch

Tutorial: Beaded heart brooch · Needlework News |


Deborah Schlegel of Art Threads shows us how to make this sweet little beaded brooch — great for Valentine’s Day or any day you want to show a little love.

Beading Arts: Bead embroidery tutorials from the archives


Bead embroidery tutorials from the archives: Free e-book on bead embroidery stitches · Bead embroidery techniques · Treasure Chest: a basic bead embroidered project · Bead embroidered cuff · Simple cuff bracelet

Bead Embroidery with Sequins

Bead Embroidery with Sequins

Saturday Sequins: Bead Embroidery Resources


Not only is the first chapter of this ebook free, but it covers everything you need to know about bead embroidery, including some techniques not found in the Eakin books. Her other chapters are a must-have, too, because they take bead Beadaholique offers a series of free, detailed videos on how to bead a cabochon, and they are the best, most beginner-friendly video tutorials I’ve seen. It’s like taking a class! 2.) Dawn’s video, How To Do Bead Embroidery, gives a

Pimp Stitch : Tutorial Monday :: Beaded Embroidery


Single bead per stitch: Step 1: Pull the needle through the back of the fabric, like you would for any other embroidery project. Beaded Embroidery Tutorial. Step 2: Thread a bead onto the needle. I used seed beads here, but just about any kind of bead or sequin will work. Beaded Embroidery Tutorial. Step 3: After you thread one bead, Hi, I’ve not long found you and I want to thank you for the free patterns. Plus I have linked you in my newest blog post:). Posted by:

Romantic Bead Embroidered Rings and Free How To Photo Tutorial

More free tutorials and patterns at

How to Do Bead Embroidery Around Free-Formed Shapes

In this video, learn the basic technique for a free form method of bead embroidery that can be used to fill in any number of shapes. This technique gives a much different look and texture to your bead embroidery.

Soutache Jewelry Tutorial

This soutache jewelry tutorial shows how to make a soutache necklace and is an advanced bead embroidery project. Soutache is a very interesting technique. Soutache (pronounced SOO-tash), which is also referred to as “Russia Braid”, is a common elemen…

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