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Free Spiral Rope Seed Bead Patterns (1/16/2013)

2013 January 16

Ogalala Netting

Ogalala Netting

Inspirational Beading: Beading Tutorial: Oglala Netting


Here we’ll work with two bead colors (A and B) for clarity, but once you know the steps, you can easily work with a single color, or create a pattern within the netting You can also weave ogalala from existing beadwork, such as peyote bezels, or herringbone ropes.

How to Stitch an Easy Spiral Rope – Daily Blogs – Beading Daily


I’ll show you how to make a spiral rope using size 8° seed beads as my core beads and size 11°s as my outside beads, but you can also do it using all one-sized bead, varying the outside bead count, changing the number of core beads you pass I’m not a beadweaver, but I’d love to learn the basics, I see so many beautiful designs that seem so far out of my reach – can you point me in the direction of other instructors that make the actual construction look possible?

DNA Spiral Rope

DNA Spiral Rope

Spiral Rope Necklace Tutorial – Bead Circle


If you’re new to spiral stitch, check out this video from Beads East that does a great job of explaining spiral rope structure. This tutorial is just one of the many variations of spiral stitch, and I hope you enjoy beading it!

Seed beaded spiral ropeBeading Daily


Beading Daily is a community for makers of handcrafted jewelry that offers free projects, forums, daily newsletter, and more Spiral Rope done in rainbow colors and small seed beads, mostly glass and clear…

Multi-Strand Spiral Rope Bracelet

Multi-Strand Spiral Rope Bracelet

Jill Wiseman’s Beautiful Beaded Ropes – Download TWO project PDFs from the book – Lark Crafts Lark Crafts 2012

Jill’s book, the newest release in the Beadweaving Master Class series, presents 24 sumptuous beaded jewelry rope projects that utilize a variety of beading stitches: spiral ropes, peyote ropes, netted ropes, herringbone ropes, right angle weave ropes, and ropes using other stitches, including Oglala, chevron, and brick.

The long spiraled road to Cellini – The Beading Butterfly – Beaded Art and Jewelry by Kassie 2010

I made my first rope several years ago but never finished it. Unfortunately, once I got almost done with the necklace, I decided that I didn’t like the pendant with the rope. The next time I started a Cellini spiral was a year or so ago. She strung it on a leather rope and it turned out great.

How to Spiral Rope Stitch.wmv

This tutorial from The Potomac Bead Company shows you quickly how to do ‘Spiral Rope’ stitch, which is one of the easier seed bead or beadweaving stitches that are great for beginners. Learn to use seed beads, czech glass, and other small beads of ch…

Beaded Cellini Spiral Stitch

My editorialized version of this beautiful beadwork stitch. Size 8/0, 11/0 and 15/0 beads are used to create the Cellini spiral peyote stitch. This stitch produces a three dimensional spiral effect. Very pretty.

The Queen Bead – Twisted Rope Spiral Bracelet

Twisted Rope Spiral DVD available for purchase at Learn how to make your very own Twisted Rope Spiral bracelet today! :)

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