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Free Native American Seed Bead Patterns (1/28/2013)

2013 January 28

Native American Bead Stitches

Native American Bead Stitches

The Beading Stitches of Native American Beadwork – Daily Blogs


For centuries, Native Americans used natural objects like animal teeth, seeds, and shells as beads for adornment on their ceremonial objects and clothing. With the introduction of smaller beads and glass beads from Europe in the 16th and 17th centuries, Native American beadwork became more intricate and came to be an important part of each tribe’s cultural identity.

Middle And South American Art Beads – Legend Art Beads


Imported glass beads, first introduced to North American native populations by Christopher Columbus in 1492, had a significant economic and aesthetic impact on Indian material culture. The earliest glass beads were gifts from explorers and missionaries, but in the sixteenth century the small seed beads became an important medium of exchange in the expanding North American fur trade.

Native American Insprired Chip Necklace

Native American Inspired Chip Necklace

Native American Necklace – Beading Daily


Media » Beading Photo Galleries » Reader Photos » Native American Inspired Chip Necklace

Beading How To: Crow Stitich


This is called a Crow Stitch because when people were first working out beadwork technology and studying American Indian art, they looked at some Crow pieces and saw that they used this stitch a lot. Not that just Crow people use this stitch, for heaven’s sake, but they did make great use of it! It’s really a nice stitch. It has the affect of an Applique with a lot less work and takes a lot less time.

Native American Pinecone Seed Pincushion

Native American Pinecone Seed Pincushion

Honeysuckle Lane: Vintage Native American Beadwork


The dealer stated this was made from pinecone seeds. Which are the pinecone seeds: the reddish brown ones or the black ones… or both? I’m not really sure, so I am in the midst of trying to learn more about it. It’s completely covered with the seeds. Can you imagine the time involved? And this is only a small item compared to the much larger, more elaborate pieces found in Native American bead work!

Gypsy Hawk: Native American Trade bead necklaces


Native American Trade bead necklaces. Textile and trade bead series. Textile and trade bead necklace series.

How to: Bead Native American Beadwork, Medallion

I made a quick video showing how I bead a Medallion If I get a good response, I will make more and go into more detail of how to bead. I hope you like this video.. Thanks for watching.

How to: Native American Beadwork, Medicine Pouch

I made another video that shows how to make a Native American Medicine Pouch. It isn’t too difficult to make. Hope you like it!

How To: Native American Beadwork, Beaded Bracelet

I made a video of how to make a beaded bracelet. It is longer, and went slower so you all can see it good. I hope that you like this.

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