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Free Chain Maille Tutorials (1/2/2013)

2013 January 2

Mobius Ball Chain Maille

Mobius Ball Chain Maille

DIY Mobius/Rosette Chain Maille Unit Tutorial – Handmade Jewelry


This Week’s Free Jewelry Making Class DIY Mobius/Rosette Chain Maille Unit Tutorial · Pin It. A mobius or commonly called, “Rosette” is a chain maille unit where 3 or more jump rings are linked together forming a rosette-like shape. Mobius

Beaded Chain Maille Bracelet Tutorial – The Beading Gem’s Journal


Check out the free X Factor bracelet tutorial by Cindy Pankopf which does exactly that – marry beads with jump rings. The added beads make the bracelet more substantial looking, don’t they?

Chain Maille Flowers

Chain Maille Flowers

Jewel School Friends: Bead Table Wednesday: Chain Maille


You’ll also find free chain maille tutorials on the full Persian, byzantine chain, rosettes and more at Jewel School’s project videos page. The chain maille video tutorials are taught by Lauren Andersen and Christiane Ross.

New FREE Chainmaille Tutorial at Crafty Cat Jump Rings!


I’ve just finished uploading a FREE chainmaille tutorial to! It’s a combination of Basic Spiral Weave with a Jens Pind variation and a project making these Mini Twist Jens Pind Earrings!

Turkish Round Maille

Turkish Round Maille

Turkish Round Chain Maille or Mail Tutorials – The Beading Gem’s


The good news is there is indeed a Youtube video already for the Turkish Round Maille, a delightful pattern featuring sets of 3 rings. The video by Beadaholique has been labelled as Round Maille Weave which may not have been obvious to searchers.

Byzantine Flower Chain Maille Necklace Tutorial – Handmade


 I named the piece Byzantine Flower Chain Maille Necklace. The flower pendant was constructed using the Helm Pattern I showed you last week.

How to do Captured Bead Chain Maille

In this video, learn how to do a chain maille weave with captured round beads.

How to Make Dragonscale Chain Maille

In this video, learn how to make the dragonscale variety of chain maille. This intricate weave is beautiful, and truly does resemble scales.

Jens Pind Linkage chainmaille tutorial

Demonstration of the jens pind chainmaille weave. I’m using 12g 6.0mm ID rings (AWG). other sizes in AWG: 14g 4.75mm ID 16g 4.0mm ID 18g 3.0mm ID 20g 2.5mm ID I can never say the name of this weave properly – it’s pronounced a bit like “yens pint” – …

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