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Free Beadweaving Tutorials (1/30/2013)

2013 January 30

Netted Cuff Bracelet

Netted Cuff Bracelet

DIY: How to do Netting Stitch Tutorials – Handmade Jewelry Club


We’ve talked about netting stitches on some of the articles before. We’ve featured a video tutorial by Jewelry Supply on how to do basic netting stitch. We also created diagrams for Horizontal Netting Stitch and Vertical Netting Stitch, hoping that this help, to clearly understand how the stitch works for netting technique. Now, you know the technique…practice makes perfect and beadweaving is a continuous learning experience so here are some netting tutorials to give you ideas on what possible designs you can create with netting stitch.

Geometric Beadweaving – Inside Beadwork Magazine – Beading Daily 6, 2012

I am absolutely crazy for geometric forms in jewelry, and according to the Pinterest boards, so is everybody else. Geometric jewelry is one hot trend that will carry into fall, and it’s easy to incorporate into your collection. A perfectly patterned piece can bring order to an otherwise disorganized outfit. On days I’m feeling a little shabby, putting on a sharp-angled architectural piece helps me feel pulled-together. So, I decided to put my own flare on two designs from the August/September issue of Beadwork.

Bead Woven Earrings

Bead Woven Earrings

Master the Art of Bead-weaving With Our New Free eBook – Daily Blogs – Beading Daily 28, 2012

Download your copy of Beading Daily’s Free Guide to Beadweaving: Patterns and Instructions to Learn How to Bead Weave today. Master the Art of Bead-weaving With Our New Free eBook. There’s no doubt that if you’re reading this, you’re someone who knows that there’s a special kind of magic in bead-weaving.

Bead Table Wednesday – Woven Bracelets – Linda’s Bead Blog & Meanderings 2011

I named this the “Meadow Stream Bracelet“. We used to own some property that bordered a meadow with a view toward Mt. Rainier. There was a little stream that ran through the meadow. I loved to sit by the stream, in the spring, among the wildflowers, looking out toward majestic Mt. Rainier in the distance.  The turquoise in this bracelet reminded me of that stream and the daisy button clasp reminded me of the wildflowers in the meadow.

Ladder Stitch Bracelet

Ladder Stitch Bracelet

Free Beading Tutorial – Ladder Stitch Bracelet with Lampwork Closure


Ladder Stitch Bracelet with Lampwork Closure:  I learned these ladder stitch wrap bracelets years ago (read: decades ago), but they are enormously popular right now because of designer Chan Luu. Consider making them with a lampwork bead closure. Hers are done with semiprecious and/or swarovski crystal…

Free Time Crafts: Tutorial: My 1st Beadweaving Stitch – The Triangle


The techniques I employ in jewelry making often cycle – I started with beadweaving and often return to it, but I’ve also explored loomwork, kumihimo (Japanese braiding), wire wrapping, knotting & macrame, and of course your basic bead stringing.  All of these techniques can make gorgeous jewelry depending on the thought that goes into the design and the proficiency of the execution of the design.  Practice and planning are key to any successful piece.

Free Beading Tutorials and Patterns by Ellad2

Flat even count Peyote stitch for beginners by You can download this Tutorial for free at

Peyote Stitch triangle: how to make post earrings with Peyote Stitch triangles | Beading Tutorial

 As I promised here is the tutorial to make the post earrings with Peyote Stitch triangles. You need 2 s…

Hello Kitty Swarovski crystal bead weaving

Learn how to weave Hello Kitty. I have new version; easy to follow from start to finish. Part 1 & 2 Free video tutorials beads animals.

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