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Free Beaded Christmas Ornament Patterns (1/23/2013)

2013 January 23

Crafty Christmas Ornament

Crafty Christmas Ornament

It’s never too early to start on ornaments for next Christmas!  Have fun…

Crafty Christmas Ornament PDF Beading PatternBeading Daily


“Crafty Christmas Ornament” PDF Beading Pattern. This simple beading pattern will teach you how to make this beautiful and festive “Crafty Christmas” holiday ornament! With over 45 high resolution photos and easy to follow

jewelry bliss by lj: FREE PATTERNBeaded Christmas Ornament


I have a great passion for teaching and sharing my beading experiences. Take your jewelry making skills to the new heights while spending time with me here on a blog and conversing with the fellow beaders. My intention is to

Pearl Bead Filled Ornament

Pearl Bead Filled Christmas Ornament

Free Time Crafts: DIY Pearl Christmas Ornaments!


My version of a pearl Christmas ornament! I was going through old beads, and found a stash of glass If you need to buy beads, you might spend closer to $5 per ornament – the total price will depend on what pearls you chose to use and how good a sale you find! Materials: – pearls – chose 1 size or various sizes – quantity will About Me. My Photo · PZ Designs: A wife, a mother, and a shop owner, but still love finding time for arts and crafts! View my complete profile

FREE Christmas ornaments beading pattern and tutorial


We’re not going to buy nor use our old Christmas ornaments. Instead, we’re going to make our own Christmas ornaments! Here are some beadweaving patterns for a cane, star, snowflakes, beaded bead and a Christmas tree Christmas ornaments.

Bead and Glitter Christmas Ornaments

Bead and Glitter Christmas Ornaments

Beaded Glitter Christmas Ornament


Transform a plain glass or plastic ornament into a beaded glittery gem! This will work on any color of glass or plastic ornaments.  Glue ribbon around the top of each ornament, or glue bugle beads around the top.  Paint a coat of Crystal Twinkles on each ornament, let dry.

How To Make Beaded Christmas Ornaments


Fancying up your existing Christmas decors need not to be expensive or complicated. All you need is that Christmas spirit…Your beads can be color red and gold with a hint of green for a more traditional theme or a white Christmas which can mean using lots of silver and blue.  You can use multi colored beads for that bright and colorful Christmas tree that kids usually love.

how to make a beaded ornament hanger, Christmas ornament hanger, Ornaments,

How to make a beaded ornament hanger.

Beaded Christmas Ornament Howto

All ready for Christmas 2012! :) How to bead a Christmas ornament with seed beads. An easy project!

How to Make : a Beaded Christmas Ornament – DIY

I know the beaded balls look like they’d be pretty hard to make, but they really aren’t.

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