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Free Twins and SuperDuos Bead Patterns (12/12/2012)

2012 December 12

Preciosa TWIN - Rivoli Pendant

Preciosa TWIN - Rivoli Pendant

Preciosa TWIN – Rivoli Pendant Tutorial


Ive been wanting to add a new style to my wire working and these twin beads are perfect along with the designs seed beeds can create. Yours is the first tutorial that has made sense to me on how to do this style of cabachon

The Bead Doodler: Czech TWIN Seed Bead Pattern


I have finally found a limited supply of the new Czech TWIN seed beads. Well the supply isn’t so limited, but the color selection is. Sparkle Spot carries black and crystal, so I got some of each. I’ve just finished my first pattern

Superduo Earring Pattern

Superduo Earring Pattern

Free Superduo earring patternBeading & Jewelry


Twin beads may also be used for this pattern. Materials. 2.5 x 5 mm Superduos (P65491, opaque rose/gold topaz). 4 mm bicone crystals (Swarovski, vintage rose AB2X). 11/0 seed beads (Miyuki 11-460, metallic dark

josjewels1: Beading to save my life


The first is a bracelet pattern. The twin beads lend themselves really well to Right angle weave, so that’s what this latest pattern is. Very simple and works up in less than 2 hours, it is the perfect way to fill an afternoon, and you

Twin Seed Bead Ring Bezel

Twin Seed Bead Ring Bezel

Seed Beads We Love: New Twin Two-Holed Seed Beads


Right now, you can find eight colors of Twin seed beads at Sparkle Spot Bead Shop including: crystal, black, dark bronze, black silver Picasso, copper-lined crystal, and silky gold iris. You can find more information about these new Twin seed beads at the Preciosa I love playing with these beads!…..have made 3 bracelets with the Herringbone pattern getting ready for fall Christmas shoppers. One with shades of coral, cream and frosted white and the other two (in 2

The Bead Doodler: Preciosa Twin Seed Beads


Preciosa Twin Seed Beads. Have you seen the new TWIN seed beads from Preciosa? They come in 80 different colors. I’m drooling over the design possibilities of these two hole beads in combination with seed beads and crystals. Calling All Beaders! Looking for bead patterns? is a fairly new site for bead patterns, but it’s going great. We have many designers and are constantly adding more. check out the lovely patterns here. To join

Seed Bead 342 Twin Bracelet

Twin bracelet class from The Potomac Bead Company that shows how to make a bracelet using Preciosa’s two hole twin beads.


Another option for the creative use of the unique oval two-hole PRECIOSA Twin™ seed bead with the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads brand. Using the PRECIOSA Twin™ seed bead, it is possible to sew in the ro…

How to Bead Weave a Twin Bead Bracelet Using a Circular Stitch

In this video, learn how to create a beaded bead by weaving together Preciosa Twin beads. The result is a very pretty flower patterned bead that can be used in stringing or as an embellishment.

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