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Bead Giveaway – Lac, Kashmiri and Maruti Beads Review

2012 November 16

In your wildest imagination, did you ever thinks that beads could be made from insects? Guide to Beadwork recently received a selection of Lac, Kashmiri and Maruti beads from Maruti Beads to review. I really like these beads! They could serve as focal beads and some have large enough holes that they could probably fit on Pandora/Troll bracelets. The variety of styles and color are stunning. Learn about Lac, Kashmiri and Maruti beads, then find how out you can win some for yourself!!


Lac Beads

Lac Beads

Lac beads are highly valued individual works of art. Lac beads are a time-honored tradition, handmade in a manner passed down through generations by expert Indian artisans. Lac beads are made from a mixture of Lac and marble powder, then decorated with silver plating, seed beads, mirror chips, rhinestones and embellishments

Lac is a substance secreted by a very tiny insect. The Lac insect (Kerria lacca) is so small you need a magnifying glass to see it. This little bug lives off tree sap and secretes the hard Lac resin. Lac resin is brittle and tough, but is softened into a workable material via a process of slow heating. Lac beads are delicate and should be handled carefully. They usually have no frame, are manufactured from multiple color bases and become soft when heated.

Lac beads have several different looks. Some remind me of lampwork beads, but warmer. Some of them also are similar looking to Murano glass beads, with all the swirling colors and metallic flecks. And yet others look almost like gemstone beads. The colors are deep and rich and the variety of colors are excellent. See more Lac Beads below.


Kashmiri Beads

Kashmiri Beads

Kashmiri beads are made from a mix of marble powder and manufactured resin, instead of the natural Lac resin. Kashmiri beads are hand decorated using a variety of materials for embellishment such as seed beads, mirror chips, rhinestones and silver plating

Kashmiri beads are attention-grabbing works of art as unique and original as the people who fall in love with them. Kashmiri beads use a single color base, have metal frame holes, do not soften when heated and are strong and durable.

Known as Bollywood beads, Kashmiri beads have a very unique look, as well as a lot of variety. They really do look like little individual works of art. Many of them are partially or fully covered with rhinestones, including one set that looks like the rhinestone beads that are being used in shambala bracelets. See more Kashmiri Beads below.


Maruti Beads

Maruti Beads

Maruti beads combine Kashmiri beads and silver plated side caps, culminating in a one of a kind creation exclusive to Maruti International. Maruti beads involve a time-consuming production process, due to their extraordinary and unique design.

Maruti beads are exclusive to Maruti Beads. Each piece is designed and hand crafted by masters of this ancient art, passed down through generations.

Maruti beads really amp up the color and bling! The size and colors of these beads are spectacular. They beads belong in an art show or a museum they are so exquisite. Whether covered in glitter, rhinestones, mirrors, or a combination, these are excellent for focal beads. Maruti beads have some of the most unique designs and decorations I’ve ever seen. See more Maruti Beads below.


Guide to Beadwork and Maruti Beads would like to share some of these beautiful beads with you! They have offered a selection of Lac, Kashmiri and Maruti beads and Guide to Beadwork is giving away 5 packs of these beads: 3 packs of Kashmiri, 1 pack of Maruti and 1 pack of Lac Beads. Each pack has 5 or 6 beads.


We are using Rafflecopter to track entries and award the winners. Once you create an account with Rafflecopter, it will guide you through entering the giveaway. You will earn one entry for each item you complete, plus you can Tweet about the giveaway once a day for more entries. Five (5) readers/followers will be drawn at random. The winners will be announced on Monday, December 17th. Winners will be contacted. ** Giveaway is only open to residents of the US.**

For your chance to win a pack of Kashmiri, Lac or Maruti beads, log into Rafflecopter with Facebook or your email address to get started:

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If you have any trouble with Rafflecopter, go ahead and make an entry directly on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest and email us. We’ll add your entries manually:

Make sure you visit and choose your favorite bead style – feel free to post a comment here, on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest to share which one(s) you like the most. And let your local bead store know you want these beads in their store!!

Lac Beads:
Kashmiri Beads:
Maruti Beads:

Guide to Beadwork was given a selection of Lac, Kashmiri and Maruti beads for free in exchange for an honest review.

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