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Free Magatama Seed Bead Weaving Patterns (11/19/2012)

2012 November 19

Athena Earrings with Magatamas and Superduos

Athena Earrings with Magatamas and Superduos

Red Panda Beads: Athena Earrings


This design could compliment a bracelet made with the Long Magatamas if you don’t already have a pattern for matching earrings, just use the same color(s) of the Long Magatama beads and complimenting SuperDuos. I used the taptered SuperDuo TSD-21135 Matte Iris Blue beads and matched the 11RR191 bright gold plated Rocaille seed beads to the bright matte gold of the Long Magatamas to brighten the dark iris colors of the Visitors. free counters

Kumihimo bracelet with Magatama beads


I thought I would share a perspective of what is takes to create one of our CAAZ and effect Kumihimo bracelets with Magatama seed beads. First we need supplies; a beading mat, braiding disk, plastic bobbins, beading

Long Magatama Branch Necklace

Long Magatama Branch Necklace

Inspirational Beading: Bead Spotlight: Magatamas


There are two styles of magatama seed beads. Long magatamas have a unique, Because they perform just like teardrops, but are much more affordable, they are fantastic for bead weaving projects that use large quantities of beads. Long Magatama Branch Necklace by …. from the Czech Republic! Free Christmas Beading Tutorials …. 100 Beaded Flowers, Charms & Trinkets: Perfect Little Designs to Use for Gifts, Jewelry, and Accessories. by Amanda Brooke Murr-

Bead Street Online: Long Magatama Drops


Saturday, September 15th is the last day of Bead Street’s Moving sale. More information Here is another free pattern for an Embellished Ladder Stitch Bracelet using these Magatama drops written by Amadeuslila and Zuzzl.

Round Braid Kumihimo Bracelet, Drop Beads Necklace

Round Braid Kumihimo Bracelet, Drop Beads Necklace

October/November 2011 Project


Take one cord at a time and wrap each cord around a bobbin, leaving about 6 ‘ free between the overhand knot and the bobbin. How long do I make the bracelet? You will Drop Beads Necklace Pattern. 4 mm Magatama drop beads – 52 grams approx. Size 8 seed beads – 15 grams approx. You will use 12 beads per inch of necklace length for each cord. Remember your cord length is three times the length of your necklace. After you have cut all of your cords to the

Combining Tilas and Magatamas


A new free Tila bead necklace pattern: Tilas plus Magatamas.

DIY Tutorial Leaf Earrings – rocailles, magatama, fire polished beads

Hello! You can find the original video here, on cr3stina’s channel:

Karla Kam Rewind – Magatama RAW Bracelet Tutorial

Tools and supplies used in this video – On this Karla Kam I will be making a RAW (No Needle Right Angle Weave) Bracelet using the Magatama seed beads. It was brought on by a question of a customer about a past project. I really b…

Miyuki St. Petersburg Stitch

Instructional video on how to do St. Petersburg Stitch using Miyuki Delica and Magatama Bead’s. Instructed by Leslie Rogalski, as seen on Beads, Baubles and Jewels. Visit for more information or to purchase featured products.

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