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Free Bead Loom Patterns (11/14/2012)

2012 November 14

Purple Diamon Loom Pattern

Purple Diamon Loom Pattern

Wicked Artsy: Bead loom patterns: Purple diamonds and green


Bead loom patterns: Purple diamonds and green squares. Here are 2 patterns I have created for use on the bead loom. Green diagonal squares (Skill level: Easy/moderate). Requirements: Size 15 seed beads in the following



Each month I will be giving a free pattern or tutorial so start your collection now. Come on who doesn’t like FREE… right? Have fun beading. Loom pattern. 2 drop peyote pattern. Honor and Integrity in Life in Art. Nicole/

Skull Loom Bracelet

Skull Loom Bracelet

kerosene & things: & a skull bead loom pattern


a skull bead loom pattern. Hey ~ I was featured on Skull-A-Day the other day! Click here to get to Skull-A-Day and here to see my post. I submitted a skull bead loom pattern. things beads, kerosene, skull, skull-a-day

There’s a Dragon in my Art Room – Wampum Weaving – how to do it 2011

First, to warp the loom, we tape our string on the back of the loom. Then we tie a new piece of string on the bottom left corner of the loom (we follow our patterns left to right). Pull the beads under the strings, and place one bead in between each string.

Make Your Own Loom

Make Your Own Loom

All The Good Girls Go To Heaven: DIY Bead Loom Bracelet


☩DIY☩ Bead Loom Bracelet. Things you need for this DIY: ✝ a small box (a tissue box works really well) ✝ a craft knife ✝ a ruler ✝ thread ✝ a beading needle or beading wire ✝ seed beads. Total time: 15 mins for the loom 45 mins-1.5 hours for the bracelet. 

This is a work of Art.: Loom Bead Work


Loom patterns consists of different squares. Each square represents a different bead. A tip is to Color each square with the color beads you want to use. This prevents confusing on figuring out with which colored bead comes

Easy Looming Complicated Shapes

A cartoon lesson of bead looming complicated shapes (using round as an example of a shape) without many ends of basic thread: from making a weaver’s loom up to finishing the loomed piece and hiding the threads.

Lame Bear Beadwork Bead Pattern Collection

Patterns are available in our Etsy shop at You can also search “Lame Bear Beadwork” within Etsy.

Piano Bracelet On A Loom

First of all, I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to Beth at (UntilWeBeadAgain) for giving me permission to upload this video to share. I was making a piano bracelet for a friend of mine and decided to use my web cam to record it. It’s not …

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