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Free Herringbone Bead Patterns (10/5/2012)

2012 October 5

Herringbone Bubble Necklace

Herringbone Bubble Necklace

Inspirational Beading: Tutorial: Graduated Herringbone ‘Bobble’ Rope


When choosing your beads and pattern, look carefully at the sizes to determine the best sequence for increasing and decreasing your rope. I like variations of: Delicas When you have reached the largest bead size in a sequence – or if your stitches feel like they’re starting to roam – reinforce the row by repeating the herringbone stitches all the way around, without picking up any beads. This dummy stitch will …. the Czech Republic! Free Christmas Beading Tutorials

6 Free Favorite Herringbone Stitch Beading Projects! – Daily Blogs


Because we love herringbone stitch, we’ve put together six of our favorite herringbone stitch beading patterns for you in our latest free eBook, Beading Daily’s Guide to Herringbone Stitch: 7 Free Herringbone Patterns. Look at

Twisted Herringbone with Twins

Twisted Herringbone with Twins

Beads For Brains – Day 331 – 365 – Twisted Herringbone with Twins 20

Not a fan of the newest two hole bead, the Twin Bead, I haven’t seen many patterns using it that have wow’d me. This one for using twin beads in a twisted herringbone. I have been quite suspicious of any bead with two holes, it just doesn’t seem NATURAL.

Eva Maria Keiser Designs: Herringbone stitch: with Swarovski


Eva Maria Keiser Designs Herringbone stitch: with Swarovski Bicone Beads Keiser Designs Website: Keiser Designs Website: …. Free pattern for necklace Corfu. 15 hours Free Project: Milk and Honey Handmade Soap

Herringbone Necklace

Herringbone Necklace

Beading Babes Project #2 Reveal – Amybeads 2011

On the flip side, the size 6 beads felt a little clumsy with herringbone and I don’t like they way you can see the thread so easily in the hollow of the bead. I just learned and started loving herringbone stitch this year and using these large beads makes a rope really fast.

Backstory Beads: Fall-worthy Herringbone and Free Patterns from Lark


As I was adding the final embellishments to this Sinusoidal Necklace design by Melissa Grakowsky (won’t it just make a Fall wardrobe pop!), I was thinking that I’d like to take Melissa’s sine-wave shaping and use it in a more

Beadwork: Herringbone Stitch Basics and Beyond Promo with Melinda Barta

Order your copy today at! Master flat, spiral, and tubular herringbone basics and learn how to step them up a notch with advanced variations and embellishments to add fun shaping, trim, and more!

DoodleBeads Tubular Herringbone Demo

This clip is from public television’s Beads, Baubles & Jewels Series 1100, and the new regular segment “DoodleBeads” with guest expert Leslie Rogalski, editor of Enhance your designs and boost your skills with the newest projects an…

Tubular Herringbone Beadwork Stitch

Tubular herringbone is versatile and very easy to work up. In this tutorial, I use size 11 round Toho seed beads to cover a satin cord. You can use rounds or cylinders to work this stitch.

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