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Free Chain Maille Tutorials

2012 October 26

Pearl Chain Maille Bracelet

Pearl Chain Maille Bracelet

DIY Chain Maille Bracelets — Saved By Love Creations


Recently I had Irina from Irina’s Cute Box here to share with you her gorgeous chain maille pearl bracelet tutorial. My sister fell in love with it, so when we had a night together this weekend, we knew it was.

DIY Beaded Helm Chain Maille Earrings Tutorial – Handmade


Hope you like it and follow me on my journey on learning making chain maille jewelries! how to make jewelry, beading pattern, Jewelry making classes, jewelry ideas to make · Join as our subscriber and redeem a free copy of the tutorials!

Turkish Round Maille

Turkish Round Maille

Turkish Round Chain Maille or Mail Tutorials – The Beading Gem’s


I also like this static tutorial by cohort from M.A.I. L – Maille Artisans International League. You can get a whole ton of free tutorialsfrom this site. Have fun and be sure to check out my past posts on chain maille tutorials.

Jewel School Friends: Bead Table Wednesday: Chain Maille


You’ll also find free chain maille tutorials on the full Persian, byzantine chain, rosettes and more at Jewel School’s project videos page. The chain maille video tutorials are taught by Lauren Andersen and Christiane Ross.

Chain Maille Earrings

Chain Maille Earrings

‘Adventures in Chain Maille‘ | |


Actually, I have found you can learn a lot just by looking really closely at other peoples’ chain maille work. You can also find good, free tutorials at the Fire Mountain Gems website. What I do feel comfortable sharing with you is

Byzantine chain maille tutorial from


Source from: About author: Saving your money buy shopping cheap and quality supplies here, what’s more, you can enjoy world-wide free shipping. Dejar un

Chain Maille Rosette Link Tutorial

This tutorial will show you a lovely but simple technique for creating chain maille rosettes. Use these chainmaille instructions to make earrings, necklaces, bracelets–anything! It’s a very feminine take on chain maille jewelry designs. For more cha…

Full Persian Chain Maille Tutorial

Chain maille weaves can be difficult to start. This tutorial shows an easy way for the full Persian using two wire ties. The text version with still photographs is here ” Check out for more inspirational, fun and…

How To Spiral Chainmaille Tutorial

Mikey will show you how to do the Spiral Technique of Chain Maille. Using links and HD Camera, he will show you up close to where the links need to be set. This method creates the chain to spiral. This is a great technique for making your own chain, …

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