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Free Spiral Rope Bead Patterns (9/19/2012)

2012 September 19

Daisy Spiral Rope

Daisy Spiral Rope

Beads For Brains: 365: Day 338 – Daisy Spiral Filigree Rope


Today’s project was designed by Stacey Gibson and is called the Daisy Spiral Filigree Rope. This is a DARLING Although this is not a free pattern, the cost is only $5, but in my opinion totally worth it. The technique Stacey

Jill Wiseman’s Beautiful Beaded Ropes: Download TWO project


So the book is organized by stitch: spiral ropes, peyote ropes, netted ropes, herringbone ropes, right angle weave ropes, and ropes using other stitches, including Oglala, chevron, and brick. Jill’s designs — necklaces

Cellini Spiral Rope

Cellini Spiral Rope

daxdesigns bead art: Spirals and beaded spiral ropes: Double


Dax Designs beaded jewelry shop on Etsy Spirals and beaded spiral ropes: Double, Triple, Dutch, Russian, Cellini and more. Spirals are on my mind. I am in the midst of beading my second Cellini spiral necklace. The first remains unfinished because in typical fashion I have run out of one of the burgundy beads (see photo) I was using I’ve sourced some free tutorials for each of these and listed them below for those of you new to spiral beading and it’s pleasures.

Bead Line Studios – Question & Gift 2011

There are many who start their ropes with just a plain chain, no beads. It’s all a very simple 3A, 3M spiral stringing pattern. They have more beading patterns than anyone could ever use in several lifetimes. I start all of my ropes like this photo. They add the beads in the next round.

Double Spiral Necklace

Double Spiral Necklace

Inspirational BeadingBeading Tutorial – Double Spiral 2010

On a comfortable length of beading thread, pick up 4 core beads and 7 Color A beads. Because it uses up a lot of beads, it can be a great way to finish off mixtures or use up that collection of spilled beads you’ll never get around to sorting.

Patterns, resources and tips for the bead obsessed – Around The Beading Table – Having fun with Pinterest 29

If you are on Pinterest, you can find more free pattern links on my Pinterest Beading Tutorials board, and if not, here are a few beauties. Those of you who follow my blog know that I love to find free beading tutorials and Pinterest has quite the bounty.

Flat Cellini Spiral

Kelly from Off the Beaded Path in Forest City, North Carolina teaches you how to do flat celleni spiral.

Beaded Cellini Spiral Stitch

My editorialized version of this beautiful beadwork stitch. Size 8/0, 11/0 and 15/0 beads are used to create the cellini spiral peyote stitch. This stich produces a three dimentional spiral effect. Very pretty.

2 Bead Spiral Stitch Earrings

Here is another great beading video from Kelly of Off the Beaded Path, in Forest City, North Carolina. This week she is showing you how to make 2 bead spiral stitch earrings. This is a great project for beaders of all skill levels. The materials need…

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