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Free Magatama Bead Patterns (9/28/2012)

2012 September 28

Long Magatama Spiral Bracelet

Long Magatama Spiral Bracelet

Bead Street Online: Long Magatama Drops


From Super Beadwork, Feb/March 2011. . Long Magatama Spiral Stitch Bracelet Another free pattern for an Embellished Ladder Stitch Bracelet using these Magatama drops written by Amadeuslila and Zuzzl. Posted by

Magatama Ring II, Beading Tutorials and Patterns by Ellad2


My beading and Facebook friend Sandra Bonchin made a Magatama ring using my tutorial/pattern. I want to share this beautiful ring with you!

Russian Spiral with Long Magatamas

Russian Spiral with Long Magatamas

Queenie’s Beads: Magatama Beads – Russian Spiral Bracelet


Magatama Beads – Russian Spiral Bracelet. After the first inch or so, I thought I wouldn’t like this bracelet. But then it started to look familiar to me. The matte black and the silver – what was it? Then it dawned on me. Motorcycle

Smadar’s Treasure: A New Pendant Design and Some Good News


 Other ideas for using these beautiful Magatama beads, with their challenging diagonal hole, came up while working, but I had no time for trying them too, so they went straight into my ‘ideas’ notebook. I wonder if I will ever have the chance to try any of the ideas written in that notebook. It’s either that I am working very slowly, or the time flies faster than before…

Long Magatama Earrings

Long Magatama Earrings

Playing with My Magatamas | Heather Diana Designs


Playing with the “magatamas” (the beads used in all these earrings) that I got for my birthday from a lovely man… Anyone interested can Upcycled Paper Bead Bracelet and Necklace Made from 1983 Wedding Programs →


Sumptuous Seed Beads & Their Crazy Cousins | Behind the Blue Door


Just like grains of sand, seed beads may not look like much individually, but when you combine them together, you can create some incredible designs! Here are a few cool seed bead shapes we love: Long Magatama Like its name, this We like the fact that they have a similar look to standard seed beads, but their extra hole makes weaving back and forth much easier than trying to thread 2, 3 or even 4 cords through a standard seed bead. Peanut bead sample

Karla Kam Rewind – Magatama RAW Bracelet Tutorial

Tools and supplies used in this video – On this Karla Kam I will be making a RAW (No Needle Right Angle Weave) Bracelet using the Magatama seed beads. It was brought on by a question of a customer about a past project. I really b…

1305-3 Leslie Rogalski John Bead seed bead segment on Beads, Baubles and Jewels

Leslie Rogalski uses magatamas from John Bead for tubular peyote on Beads, Baubles and Jewels.

How to Braid Beaded Kumihimo with Long Magatama Beads – This video shows you how to do a classic 8-warp beaded Kumihimo braid but instead of seed beads, we are using Miyuki Long Magatama beads. The result is a thick “scale” looking braid. Designer: Julie Bean Wreath of Independence …

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