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Free Bead Loom Patterns (9/21/2012)

2012 September 21

Two Needle Bead Looming

Two Needle Bead Looming

Two needle method for beading on the loom


Two needle method for beading on the loom. As you probably know, the usual method of bead looming is to tie a length of weft to the edge warp then load your beads, and pass through them from the top. That’s how I started,

Easy Bead Looming without many ends of warp thread


Easy Bead Looming without many ends of warp thread. A cartoon lesson of My other cartooned bead weaving lessons can be seen at my web-site My patterns are available here:

Bead Loom Bracelet

Bead Loom Bracelet

Bead Loom Bracelet « All Is Silly


I used the larger seed beads. Also, if you don’t have a beading loom, use a broken comb glued to the lid of a box, or a piece of cardboard as I have done. Other materials: – Beading String – Beading Needle Got everything? Let’s bead Beading String – Beading Needle. Got everything? Let’s bead! 1) Pick your favorite pattern, or create your own using graph paper. 2) Set up the loom, or homemade version. 3) Tie a string to the first thread using a square knot. 4) Thread

A little journey into world of bead looming – Starseed Handmade


A little journey into world of bead looming – Mali izlet u svet tkanja perlicama. Rad po narudzbini: narukvica od tkanih perlica u sedefastoj boji i boji cilibra;. Za uredan i pravilan izgled zasluzne su japanske Miyuke Delica

Japanese Flower Loom Pattern

Japanese Flower Loom Pattern

Beadwright – NEW LOOM PATTERNS 4

Not to mention, however I will, your butt feels like mush LOL I have been working on old patterns that I have had since the 1980’s, revamping them with updated bead colors with graphs and text for PDF. These I did this afternoon/evening Ohh it is 9:30 PM no wonder I am tired. Honor and Integrity in Life in Art.

Close-up Beading on a Loom – Pow Wow TV – Native American


Close-up Beading on a Loom. A closeup view of using a stop bead and looming with size 11 seed beads on loom. 23 Comments – Views: 56 Views. BlinkList. Share Video. URL :

Easy Looming Complicated Shapes

A cartoon lesson of bead looming complicated shapes (using round as an example of a shape) without many ends of basic thread: from making a weaver’s loom up to finishing the loomed piece and hiding the threads. My other cartooned bead weaving lessons …

How to Work with a Bead Loom

In this video from, you’ll receive basic instruction on how to use a beading loom to create intricate beaded creations. Terms and techniques are reviewed to give any beginner a good start to loomwork.

How to Finish and Back Bead Loom Weaving – In this video, learn a couple of different ways to finish off your bead loom weaving: sewing it onto a backing material and gluing it into a bezel setting. Designer: Megan Milliken Summer Sizzle Ring Project R1005 www.beadaholi…

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