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Free Spiral Rope Seed Bead Patterns (8/1/2012)

2012 August 1

Cellini Spiral Rope

Cellini Spiral Rope

RanaLea Designs: Art Jewelry Elements: July Component of the


I finally settled on a cellini spiral (my first ever!) using instructions from the fabulous Eventually, I settled on a necklace, and decided to weave a basic spiral rope for either side of the cellini. I attached those ropes to the cellini So, I wove a seedbead-bail-system-thingy through the bead to secure an actual woven bail to one end and some danglies to the other. Then, I decided a woven bail would

Lima Beads Challenge Reveal… – Andrew Thornton


I used the seed beads to create a spiral stitch rope. I wanted to visually balance the beaded rope, so I doubled up the chain. I used the bright green Czech glass to help move the eye around the piece. The toggle was so

Seed Bead Spiral Rope

Seed Bead Spiral Rope

Inspirational Beading: Hexagons, Spirals, and Fringes


I finally decided to use them in a spiral rope, where they would be able to show off their sparkle, while still being protected on either side by seed beads. I chose a palette of ruby red, sapphire blue, and seafoam, then it was on

Beading Arts: Garland ropes and baubles


My friend Stacey Gibson shared a seed bead pattern with me recently that I think you will enjoy very much. She has created a flower garland rope pattern which is for sale both at Bead Patterns and in her Etsy shop, Unbridled Design. She has also come up with a very clever clasp design that she calls a bauble ‘n’ loop, which is available for free at the Bead Patterns link above! Pretty, huh? Is there no end to what can be done with spiral ropes? Technorati

Organic Spiral Rope

Organic Spiral Rope

Kimchi & Cocoa: “organic” spiral rope stitch necklace


I enjoy using rock beads and other “organic-looking” materials.  This spiral rope stitch was one of the first beading patterns I learned.  Once you get the hang of it, you can easily complete a shorter necklace during a movie. 

Free Twin bead project – Editors’ Blog – Bead&Button Magazine


For my project, I used the Twins as the core of a double spiral rope bracelet. Here are the instructions so you can 5 g 11/0 seed beads (permanent finish galvanized silver). glass hula hoop ( 2 4 x 6 mm drop beads. Fireline or WildFire, 6 lb. test. beading needles #12. 1. On a comfortable length of Fireline of WildFire, and leaving a 12-in. (30 cm) tail, pick up two Twin beads ….

Basic Spiral Rope

Basic Spiral Rope

Brilliant Beads: Seedbead Tutorial – Spiral Weave Rope Chain


Seedbead Tutorial – Spiral Weave Rope Chain. This beautiful pattern can be used in short pieces with larger beads in between (see my Aqua Lampwork bracelet in previous post), or in greater lengths for an entire bracelet or

Art Bead Scene Blog: Art Bead Spiral Bracelet


I call it Art Bead Spiral. Oh, and if you don’t have the exact materials that I’ve used, please feel free to swap out any color seed bead and any kind of art bead you have on hand. Let’s get started! Materials:- 3 Elaine Ray 7mm cube Spiral Rope:1. Begin by threading your needle and pulling about 2′ of thread through the eye. String the larger seed bead onto your thread and pass your needle through the bead again. Pull the thread tight and slide the bead towards your

Weaving A Beaded Spiral Rope

This beading cartoon shows how to weave a beaded spiral rope with one needle and one thread. You can see my other cartooned beading tutorials at my web-site And you can see and order my patterns at

How to create a Spiral Weave Stitch – Beading

In this beadweaving video from, there’s a quick way to create a beaded rope with different size seed beads, and this video will show you the simple pattern needed to create this wonderful stitch

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