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Free Beadweaving Patterns (7/25/2012)

2012 July 25

Tila Twin Wiggle Bracelet

Tila Twin Wiggle Bracelet

Around The Beading Table: Free pattern with Twin bead purchase


Free pattern with Twin bead purchase. is now offering a free PDF copy of my Tila Twin Wiggle Bracelet pattern with each Twin bead purchase for customers registered on the Red Panda Bead website.

Lots of Free Jewelry Making Tutorials & Lessons: Beading Project


Beading Tips and Tutorial Series · Wire Jewelry Making Tips and Tutorial Series · FREE Friendship bracelets patterns · Join DIY Beading Club And Get Access To Lots Of Jewelry Making Lessons! Tutorial Giveaway Winner!!! DIY Beaded Cuffs

Modified Square Stitch Bracelet

Modified Square Stitch Bracelet

New Free Beadweaving Pattern – Mod Square Stitch Band Bracelet


Here’s another new pattern just published on Beadwork. This one is inspired by funky mid-century modern wallpaper. You stitch it up with flat square stitch and attach a clasp of your choice with simple loops. I chose

Where To Look For Beaded Beads Free Pattern Online | Jewelry


Making bead jewelry is such a fun and gratifying craft, from a set of gemstones, to endless selection of beads, an idea will turn to a piece of bead jewelry. It is an avenue for artisans to express themselves through their art

Spiral Sync Bracelet

Spiral Sync Bracelet

Beads For Brains – Day 323 – Spiral Sync – 365

Today’s project comes from a book I checked out of the library a few weeks ago, in fact this free project is probably going to cost me about $5.50 in library fines LOL. I personally think of the word “beadwork” as a description of beadweaving, bead embroidery, loomwork, you know, something with a thread involved.

Caravan Beads Blog – bead artists, bead projects, bead stores, and eclectic seed bead info 2011

This necklace has a free pattern on the Miyuki site. Beadweaving published by Lark and 500 Beaded Objects also published by Lark. Repeat the pattern of 11/0 – blue clay – 11/0 – sharp triangle – 11/0 green clay – 11/0 – 6/0 – until desired length is reached.

More Budget Beading Ideas

Hi, just some stuff on beading while trying to save $$. Thanks again for subscribing. Places to get free patterns for loom/square stitch: Beading Daily (sign up for the e…

Beading Pattern: Teardrop Pendant This beading video is a preview of the Jewelry Making Professor class showing how to make a Teardrop Pendant.

Hello Kitty Swarovski crystal bead weaving

Learn how to weave Hello Kitty. I have new version; easy to follow from start to finish. Part 1 & 2 Free video tutorials beads animals.

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