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Free Bead Stringing Patterns (7/18/2012)

2012 July 18

Diamond Chain Bracelet

Diamond Chain Bracelet

This beading pattern is for a – Diamond Chain Bracelet 26

Diane Fitzgerald’s Favorite Beading Projects: Designs from Stringing to Bead weaving. I have added this free jewelry making pattern to my personal library of free patterns. Free Jewelry Project from the book Diane Fitzgerald’s Favorite Beading Projects.

Wedding Jewelry Trends for Summer – Inside Jewelry Stringing


Master 12 of the most popular projects for wonderful wedding jewelry from Stringing magazine. Create the perfect piece with helpful hints on how to bead with step-by-step jewelry-making instructions. Feel like you’re walking

Recycled Chain Link Necklace

Recycled Chain Link Necklace

Melancholy Smile: Two More Necklaces


Next, string your beads {this is where a tiny bead stringing needle comes in handy}. Make sure you work out your bead pattern before hand: I started with one lightest color bead, and followed with two light beads, two dark

Inspirational Beading – One Zebra Necklace 23

An asymmetrical necklace I spotted on Pinterest, tribal colors and patterns, and some very ordinary wooden macramé beads. I wanted to make something with a very simple, asymmetrical construction, so when I looked again at the beadsin my destash selection and spotted some plain macramé beads, a little light went on.

Kaleidescope Necklace

Kaleidoscope Necklace

Snap out of it Jean There’s beading to be done 12

A varied stringing pattern on each side makes a simple design more interesting without detracting from the focal element. Finished Size 19 inches (including clasp) Project notes: String larger heishi beads close to pendant. String smaller heishi beads toward ends of necklace.

Design Your Own Jewelry – Elements of Style – The Craft Floozy – Main menu 1

I made the bracelet above by starting out with small beads, gradually stringing on larger beads, then back down to the smaller beads. Keep in mind, too, that the best way to start designing a necklace or bracelet is to lay the pattern out on a bead board to see if it works before stringing your design.

Learn How to Bead – Beading Basics Instructional Tutorial

SUPPLIES at – Learn the basics of beading as Karla Schafer, Auntie’s Beads designer, demonstrates how to make a bracelet.

Beading: Necklaces You Can Make

Beading: Necklaces You Can Make – as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. You can use your basic stringing technique with your stainless steel stringing cable and your current beads to string any beads you want to onto a necklace. You can make it a…

Beading Tips & Techniques : How to Make a Multi-String Beaded Necklace

The best way to make a multi-string beaded necklaces is by using a bead board, which has graduated troughs to plan out the lengths of each strand. String beads onto three separate strands before linking them together with a demonstration from a beadi…


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