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Free Bead Embroidery Patterns (7/4/2012)

2012 July 4


Bead Embroidery Inspiration

Bead Embroidery Inspiration

Inspiration: Bead embroidery · Needlework News |


Inspiration: Bead embroidery · Bead embroidery for the Bead Journal Project by Robin Atkins of Beadlust. See the entire amazing piece at Robin’s blog post.

Bead Embroidery Supplies I Love: Lacy’s Self-Adhesive Pattern


If there were a twelve-step program for bead embroidery and bead embroidery supplies, I should probably look into it. Until then, I’ll keep on stitching away on my bead embroidered collars, pendants and cuff bracelets...

Bead Embroidered Bracelet

Bead Embroidered Bracelet

Designs by Dawn Marie: Extreme Bead Embroidery Takes a


Fantastic, Summer design for the beading embroidery bracelet. I love those contrasting colors-orange+ light shades of green. It makes the optimistic mood and the bracelet looks so ‘happy’...

Wild roses and blackberries: Is it possible…


Both include a few bead embroideries/embellishments (or designs that would look good with a touch of beadwork), which made me think of starting a new bead embroidery project. And then, at the end of the A-Z book there


Bead Embroidered Frog

Bead Embroidered Frog

BrisingBeads: The Tale of the Delighted Customer


Just put that purple dichroic frog and lime green bead embroidery around her neck and handed me the credit card. Easiest sale ever. And, even better, one of the most genuine “love at first sight” responses to my jewelry I’ve

Designs by Dawn Marie: Black and White Classic Bead Embroidery


Black and White Classic Bead Embroidery – What’s Black and White and Worn All Over? This bead embroidered necklace!

How to Glue a Cabochon onto Lacy’s Stiff Stuff for Bead Embroidery

In this video learn how to glue a cabochon onto Lacy’s Stiff Stuff Beading Foundation using E6000 glue. Tips are provided on how to place it to achieve your desired pattern as well as how much glue to use and where to place the…

How to Bead Embroider a Picot Edge

Learn how to add a decorative picot edge to bead embroidery. This finishing touch hides the area where you foundation and backing meet and allows you to beautifully stitch the two layers together. You can also use simply as a d…

How to Make a Beaded Bezel With Bead Embroidery

Add some pizzazz to your stones or cabochons by making a beaded bezel. Learn how to make a beaded bezel with bead embroidery in this beadwork video from

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