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Free Kumihimo Seed Bead Patterns (6/20/2012)

2012 June 20


Bright Summer Kumihimo

Bright Summer Kumihimo

Karen’s Kumihimo “Painting with Beads” Necklace Kits « What a Knit


This is a playful approach to KUMIHIMO and opens all kinds of doors for endless creativity. The necklaces pictured are the first two in a Series of PAINTING WTH BEADS patterns that I am publishing and including in kits.

Strung Out – Beading Table Wednesday 4/18/12 – BTW 18

My addiction to Kumihimo continues this week, this time I am trying to master a flat 10-warp braid on a square Kumihimo disk. I played around with a few of the basic patterns and then decided that I absolutely had to master the dragonscale. We’re a fun group of bead stringers and jewelry artists.

A.I.F Jewelry: First Kumihimo Attempt


First Kumihimo Attempt. I was so happy this morning when the mail arrived and I noticed that one of my orders I’ve made arrived. My second order from Bricol’Art. I’d ordered a Kumihimo disc and some C-LON Beading Cord in a couple of colors to start with. I’ve been wanting to try out Kumihimo for quite some time now With the Kumihimo disc from “The BeadSmith” you also get the basic instructions so you can start. I went to Youtube and checked around for some

Fabulous 4th of July Collection – Get Festive ! « What a Knit and


Here’s a TRIO of fabulous Kumihimo Necklace Kits just in time for 4th OF JULY. Make one for yourself. Make one for a friend. I have used the Cluster Bead Pattern, Edge Bead Pattern and the Painting with Beads Pattern.

The Beadful Life – beadFX – Kumihimo 2011

BeadFX – a Canadian bead store – staffed with crazy bead ladies. In particular – these classes introduced beads into the braids, with an end result that Marg says “looks exactly like bead crochet.”. If you are adding beads, Size 6/0 or 8/0 beads will fit on the C-Lon cord.

How to Kumihimo?: Kumihimo Patterns for the Kongo Gumi Braid


Kumihimo Patterns for the Kongo Gumi Braid. Kumihimo is the ancient Japanese art of braiding cord (“kumi”= to braid, “himo” = cord). Over the centuries, these cords have been used for religious ceremonies, lacing samurai

Kumihimo Braid, An Easy Tutorial

Here is a simple demonstration of Kumihimo Braiding. There are several samples of Kumihimo braid necklaces, with bead collage pendants, at the end.

How to Make a Simple 8-Warp Kumihimo Braid Bracelet – Beadaholique’s Andrea shows us how to make a 8-warp kumihimo braid bracelet. I’ve been playing with this updated version of an ancient Japanese craft for a little while now, and loving it. Here I have a bracelet that I created …

Kumihimo Braiding Disc – Creating a Flat Braid

Kumihimo Braiding Disc – Creating a Flat Braid

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