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Free Herringbone Bead Patterns (6/29/2012)

2012 June 29


Herringbone Pendant

Herringbone Pendant

Backstory Beads: A Time to (Herringbone) Stitch


One of my favorite herringbone patterns is Virginia Jensen’s Spinner Rims from the October 2009 issue of Bead and Button. Spinner Rims got me thinking about herringbone in a new way, and although I’d created several

White Pearl Rope – Tubular Herringbone Bead Weaving | MyAmari


Free Beading Tutorials and Patterns Leaving a 10 inch tail to add the silver 15/0s on the end and clasp, start the tubular herringbone rope base by making a ladder stitch 4 beads across using silver 11/0s. The ladder stitch is


Herringbone Cube Bracelet

Herringbone Cube Bracelet

Bead Woven Bracelet, Metallic Silver, Gold, Blue and Green


Woven with a herringbone stitch, two rows of 4mm cube beads form a V-shape pattern. Tiny glass beads along the edges give the appearance of a stepping stone path lined with pebbles. The main stitching is herringbone,

Malfait Luciu: Fishtail Tutorial


Instead of the way it’s usually done in herringbone, where you add a bead, then stitch up through the bead above the one your thread is coming out, we’re going to do something different. Stitch up through the ONE bead next


Twisted Bugle Herringbone Bracelet

Twisted Bugle Herringbone Bracelet

Therese’s Treasures: A Time To Stitch Challenge


Google for free peyote or free herringbone beading patterns. Herringbone tutorial on Youtube · Even Peyote Stitch for Beginners. The following site is an great site for Herringbone I have made a few of Ruby’s designs (the

Antiquity Travelers: Time to Stitch Blog Hop: My Blue Peyote


Christine from One Kiss Creations and Theresa from Therese’s Treasures are hosting this hop and have asked that we focus our beading to one of two stitches: peyote and herringbone. I started off with a pattern that I’ve been

How to Do Herringbone Stitch

Herringbone stitch is a versatile, popular beading style. In this how-to video from, beading expert and beadwork teacher Melissa Shippee demonstrates how to to herringbone stitch.

Herringbone Wrap Bracelet

In this amazing video project, Nicole demonstrates how to master the herringbone weave stitch using Chinese knotting cord around leather. As you watch the video, you will learn this century’s old stitch as well as how to ladder gems with KO Thread in…

Tubular Herringbone Tutorial: How to make a tubular herringbone | Beading Tutorial .____. http Facebook ——°°°° To contact me, send an email to [email protected] Hello Beads Friends! This is the video tutorial I promised you, about the tubular herringbone. You can use seed beads or del…

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