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About Native American Seed Bead Work (6/25/2012)

2012 June 25

Native American Beaded Earrings

Native American Beaded Earrings

Gem Rio’s Beaded Earrings Giveaway – The Beading Gem’s Journal


One of my favorite things to bead are earrings especially the Native American style ones with fringes. They are not only fun to make but offer huge design and color variations. beaded jewelry. Californian Deci Worland, who definitely would love a pair but could never choose as they are all beautiful would love to try making Bollywood style earrings with seed beads- but will have to check on what stitches would be best to use Love your American Indian designs.

In general, how many seed beads are used in a typical Native American bead and loom … 2011

I’m just beginning my learning in this area, and I’ve found places to buy beads and patterns, etc, but I’m not sure of quite how many beadsto purchase to begin making projects.

Native American Inspired Trends

Native American Inspired Trends

Native American-Inspired Trendy Patterns — SoEclectic


I saw the cutest friendship bracelet the other day. It was beaded and a really great diamond pattern. I thought I’d round up some cute heavy patterns, some of which are inspired by Navajo or other Native American patterns and some of which are just heavy patterns and bold colors. […]

Turquoise Talk – An Interview With Designer Cat Horn 2011

I took a 3-week trip across country with my family that summer and I fell in love with Native American bead weaving and the colors and patterns they used. When we got back, my parents bought me my first beading loom and I was hooked. I taught myself how to bead weave, then macramé and eventually wirework.

Native American Beaded Cradleboard

Native American Beaded Cradleboard

Czech & Venetian Glass BeadsNative American Beadwork – The Tribe Scribe 2011

As they were much smaller and more colorful than the early pony beads, seed beads are credited with triggering the explosion of color that defines tribal styles as they made these unique stylistic and artistic differences possible – due to their much smaller size, these beads were easily adopted into traditional quillw…

Colour Lovers – Design Blog – Color – An American Indian Color Legend by COLOURlovers – COLOURlovers – Inspired Patterns 2010

First People is a child friendly site about American Indians and members of the First Nations 1400+ legends, 400+ agreements and treaties, 10,000+ pictures, free clipart, Seed Bead Earrings, Native American Jewelry, Possible Bags and more.

Native American Seed Bead Jewelry

These are Native American hand-made and original design by Susan – Floating Feather.

How to: Bead Native American Beadwork, Medallion

I made a quick video showing how I bead a Medallion If I get a good response, I will make more and go into more detail of how to bead. I hope you like this video.. Thanks for watching. :) Check out my Blog, I have some more of my work on there, you c…

How To: Native American Beadwork, Beaded Bracelet

I made a video of how to make a beaded bracelet. It is longer, and went slower so you all can see it good. I hope that you like this. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them down below.. Check out my blog at sallysbeadwork.blogspot.c…


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