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Seed Bead Patterns (5/21/2012)

2012 May 21

St. Petersburg Chain

St. Petersburg Chain

Bead Tutorial: Connecting St. Petersburg Chain – Inspirational Beading


It’s great for necklace straps and simple bracelets, fringes, and even dangle earrings, but apart from changing up the bead sizes and patterns, what can you do with it? Although St. Petersburg can only be stitched in a limited

What’s Better Than One Free Peyote Stitch Pattern Beading Daily


There are so many peyote stitch beading designs out there, it seems like we’ll never run out of ways to change up peyote stitch and create amazing beadwork with this popular beading stitch. We’ve assembled

All Seed Bead Patterns

All Seed Bead Patterns

La Bella Joya – Full Speed 10

The concept behind this book is that all of the projects are about 99% seed beads, however there are only three projects that are 100% seed beads and two of those are the patterns I’ve contributed. It is a super easy pattern to follow and requires absolutely nothing but seed beads in one size.

Grab a Free Bead Pattern eBook


Kelly from AllFreeBeadedJewelry has just released a free ebook featuring 11 beading patterns by various designers. Included are a cute daisy chain, an “undulation” peyote stitch bracelet using graduated bead sizes,

Seed Bead Tassel Earrings

Seed Bead Tassel Earrings 28

I found some seed beads in lovely colors last week, and made another pair of beaded tassel earrings. To make them more like this pair, use bead cones at the top.). I had entered plenty of giveaways, but never won, so last week I was shocked to find out I’d won Honey Kennedy’s giveaway of three Colette Patterns.

Inspirational Beading – One Zebra Necklace 23

An asymmetrical necklace I spotted on Pinterest, tribal colors and patterns, and some very ordinary wooden macramé beads. I wanted to make something with a very simple, asymmetrical construction, so when I looked again at the beads in my destash selection .

Triple Spiral Beading – How to start

A demonstration on how to start the Triple Spiral Beading Technique

How to Make Beaded Jewelery : Making Seed Bead Patterns for Making Beaded Jewelry

How to make seed bead patterns for making beaded jewelry; get expert tips and advice on homemade jewelry making techniques in this free instructional video series.

How to Make a Seed Bead Necklace with Pendant

Blue Moon Beads shows you how to make this glamorous seed bead pendant necklace.

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