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Ndebele Bead Pattens (5/14/2012)

2012 May 14

Free Herringbone and RAW Ebook

Free Herringbone and RAW Ebook

Beading Daily’s Free Bead Weaving eBook – Herringbone Stitch and


Beading Daily usually wows with their beading patterns. Their latest free eBook is no different. These 6 beading patterns focus on herringbone stitch (Ndebele) and right angle weave (RAW) although other stitches are used.

Herringbone Stitch: It’s Not Just for Beads! – Daily Blogs – Beading


In bead-weaving, herringbone stitch is also referred to as Ndebele stitch after the South African tribe who developed it. But herringbone stitch can also be created in embroidery and knitting! If you’re on over at Interweave’s Knitting Daily and Crochet Me online communities! You’ll find all the things you love about Beading Daily like free knitting and crochet projects and patterns, tutorials, product reviews and friendly folks in the forum who love crafting as much as you!

Twisted Ribbon Ndebele Necklace

Twisted Ribbon Ndebele Necklace

Project Instructions: Ndebele Stitch « Lark Crafts Lark Crafts


After the fantastic time I had at Bead&Button, how could I not post free instructions featuring beadwork, beadwork, beadwork?! Here’s a lovely necklace designed by Leslie Frazier. Twisted Ribbon Ndebele Necklace, designed

Hip to Herringbone – Daily Blogs – Beading Daily


Beading Daily is a community for makers of handcrafted jewelry that offers free projects, forums, daily newsletter, and more. Beading Daily. This weave is often found in Ndebele beadwork. The herringbone stitches or pattern creates a tough fabric. It’s a tricky stitch, but once you get the knack, it can produce wonderful geometric shapes.Use large-sized beads, such as pony beads, when you are learning. It also helps to use a thread and needle that will go through the

Ndebele Necklace Chain

Ndebele Necklace Chain

Beading Tutorials – Twisted Tubular Herringbone – Inspirational Beading 2010

Pick up 2 seed beads, and stitch down through the top bead of the adjacent bead stack, to the left of where your thread is exiting. It works with beads of almost any shape or size, and can be used with many different patterns of color.

buttons! » The Studio Sublime


My partner for the button hop that Cindy Wimmer so graciously hosted is Holly Westfall from Silver Rose Designs! I got to meet Holly through blogging (I hope to one day meet her The bracelet is herringbone stitch and is comprised of size 8/0 seed beads, fire polished rounds and the edges of the herringbone stitch are finished with tiny 24 carat gold seed beads and one of Holly’s polymer clay buttons. The color and depth of the design in Holly’s button are amazing!

African Inspirations Ndebele Necklace

African Inspirations Ndebele Necklace

The Many Variations of Herringbone Stitch – Daily Blogs – Beading Daily 2011

You can create curves and textures and all kinds of beautiful and intricate patterns with it with only a few sizes of beads. Like peyote stitch and right-angle weave, the thread path moves through the beads themselves as the beads are added in pairs across rows and in tubular form.

Therese’s Treasures: Beading Babes Project 4 Reveal


This is a beautiful and a moderately easy pattern to do, but it is a pattern that one does have to have a knowledge of peyote and herringbone stitches. This pattern used size 15 seed beads, 3mm bicone crystals, and 8 mm

Flat Herringbone Stitch made with several sizes of beads | New Beadworks

In this video I want to show you two Herringbone samples I made, using several kind and sizes of beads….

How to Bead Weave a Triangle Using Peyote and Herringbone Stitches

In this Beadaholique video, Andrea shows us how to bead weave a triangle using peyote and herringbone stitches.

Cubed Herringbone Stitch Bracelet

 Join me as I demonstrate the Cubed Herringbone Stitch. Ladder-stitched cube bead rows work as a foundation to this bracelet. The stitch is easy to learn and the tapestry like look will …

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