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Kumihimo Bead Patterns (4/2/2012)

2012 April 2

Long Magatama Kumihimo Bracelet

Long Magatama Kumihimo Bracelet

Hard Boiled Megg: Kumihimo with Long Magatamas


I used a pattern by Paula Juvinall from Bead and Button magazine (August 2011) to make this Kumihimo braided bracelet. The long Magatamas look like leaves…or scales! However, I had to edit the instructions in order to

Anita’s Bead Blog: 8-Cord Kumihimo Spiral Bracelet Instructions


8-Cord Kumihimo Spiral Bracelet Instructions. I love the simplicity of the design of my latest kumihimo braided bracelet using size 8 Japanese seed beads. The spiral pattern is pleasing to the eye and the materials cost is low!

Blue Sodalite Chip Kumihimo

Blue Sodalite Chip Kumihimo

Hidden Treasures: Denim Blue Sodalite Chip Kumihimo Necklace


A pattern experiment, this Kumihimo piece was woven from 16 strands. Eight of these strands are 2 shades of blue rayon satin cord. Eight of the strands are beading cord strung with Sodalite semi-precious chips. The beaded

How to Kumihimo?: Kumihimo Patterns for the Kongo Gumi Braid


Kumihimo Patterns for the Kongo Gumi Braid. Kumihimo is the ancient Japanese art of braiding cord (“kumi”= to braid, “himo” = cord). Over the centuries, these cords have been used for religious ceremonies, lacing samurai

Kumihimo Magatama Bead Fringe Necklace

Kumihimo Magatama Bead Fringe Necklace

Kumihimo Magatama Bead Fringe Necklace Kit « What a Knit!


The instructions are written for the longest length (20”) but you can easily adjust the size to any length simply by choosing where you want to finish & trim the end sections. The Kumihimo Magatama Bead Fringe Necklace

Ring by Ring Designs: What is Kumihimo?


Different cords, different colors and patterns and then the best Kumihimo – with beads. A ha . Some beads (called magatamas) were for a new Kumihimo pattern I found in a recent Bead and Button Magazine. While on

KumiLoom (Kumihimo Disk) Braiding with Beads

Using the basic 8-strand braid, this video shows how to add beads for a stunning beaded braid (such as a necklace). Use the KumiLoom or any handheld Kumihimo Disk

Finishing Kumihimo Braids with Cord End Caps

Video Jewelry Making Tutorial – Finishing Kumihimo Braids with Cord End Caps For more projects and tutorials – visit my website And for my free kumihimo pattern design planner, visit

How to Make a Simple 8-Warp Kumihimo Braid Bracelet – Beadaholique’s Andrea shows us how to make a 8-warp kumihimo braid bracelet. I’ve been playing with this updated version of an ancient Japanese craft for a little while now, and loving it. Here I have a bracelet that I created …

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