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Free Ndebele Stitch Patterns (2/20/2012)

2012 February 20

Ndebele Ribbon Bracelet

Ndebele Ribbon Bracelet

Ribbon Bracelets « Art and Tea


Also known as Ndebele stitch, it is the traditional beading stitch of the South African Ndebele tribe. They create the most amazing beadwork in colorful, geometric patterns which they also paint onto their houses. I imagine a beautiful village full of vibrant color and pattern where women sit in a circle and bead idea further by placing the embedded beads in a random pattern. Does anyone know how to do free-form herringbone? That’s another idea I’d like to play with.

Hip to Herringbone – Daily Blogs – Beading Daily


Beading Daily. This weave is often found in Ndebele beadwork. The herringbone stitches or pattern creates a tough fabric. It’s a tricky stitch, but once you get the knack, it can produce wonderful geometric shapes.

Flat Ndebele Swatch

Flat Ndebele Swatch

Beadwork: Beadwork: What’s Hot Now: Flat Ndebele Stitch Tutorial


Flat Ndebele or Herringbone Stitch Tutorial Beadwork: What’s Hot Now: Animal Patterns in Peyote StitchFree Bead Patterns – Beadwork Beadwork: What’s Hot Now: Three Star Circular Peyote Stitch Earring Pattern

Beading Daily’s Free Bead Weaving eBook – Herringbone Stitch and


Beading Daily usually wows with their beading patterns. Their latest free eBook is no different. These 6 beading patterns focus on herringbone stitch (Ndebele) and right angle weave (RAW) although other stitches are used.

Ndebele Starburst Pendant

Ndebele Starburst Pendant

Starburst Pendant – Beading Daily


Use inexpensive materials to practice with, like nymo thread instead of fireline, in case you have to start over. to make circular stitch patterns lay flat, you need to increase every row. I counted the beads in the image. looks like 2 rows of single stitch ndebele (2 beads) or a row of double (4 beads) stitch ndebele, personally, I’d do it in single bringing my thread down to the ndebele foundation row before exiting out the top...

Flat Herringbone Stitch – Bead Weaving

Another bead weaving stitch I enjoy using is herringbone. This is a short demonstration of that stitch using 1mm round crow beads. Cylinder beads work very well for this stitch too. Hope you enjoy it! :)

How to create a Ndebele Herringbone Stitch – beading In this video, you’ll see how to create this extremely durable stitch that is also wonderfully flexable!

Cubed Herringbone Stitch Bracelet

Supplies and materials used in this video – Join me as I demonstrate the Cubed Herringbone Stitch. Ladder-stitched cube bead rows work as a foundation to this bracelet. The stitch is easy to learn and the tapestry like look will …

Tubular Herringbone Beadwork Stitch

Tubular herringbone is versatile and very easy to work up. In this tutorial, I use size 11 round Toho seed beads to cover a satin cord. You can use rounds or cylinders to work this stitch.

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