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Free Bead Weaving Patterns (2/10/2012)

2012 February 10

Bead Weaving and Cross Stitch

Bead Weaving and Cross Stitch Magazine

The Beautiful Patterns of Cross Stitch & Bead Weaving


The only thing you need to get used to with these booklets is that they’re designed for either cross stitch or beadweaving (or both). The pattern charts aren’t colored; instead they have symbols within cells

Beadwork Origins: Native American Beadwork Beading Daily


As the seed beads got smaller and smaller, the art of Native American beadwork began to evolve, reflecting the traditional patterns already established by Native American weavers and artisans. During the social turbulence

Organize Your Bead Stash

Organize Your Bead Stash

Studio183: Beading Pantry


It has taken a few years and some serious cash for me to to find that happy place and it all started in a hardware store.

King and Queen of Hearts Bead Weaving | Flickr – Photo Sharing!

King and Queen of Hearts Bead Weaving. My own pattern, which was included in a book of patterns published by Interweave. Crafted on a loom, using “music wire” from the hardware store as a method to hang the end result.

Completed Wedding Rings

Completed Wedding Rings

How to Bead Your Own Jewelry Designs – Daily Blogs – Beading Daily


The original rings were topped with beautifully ornate structures meant to resemble Jewish synagogues, and I had plenty of ideas on how to recreate these using my favorite beadweaving stitches and size 15o seed beads.

Studio183: Pattern Value


Whilst beading the cuff, I saw/thought about how to create a 3D Cube and a Medieval Cross. The beauty is, once I am self employed and spend my days in my studio, designing and writing detailed bead weaving patterns

Shamballa Bracelets

Shamballa Bracelets

The Bead Doctor Tutorial Shamballa Bracelet « Bead Barmy


Barbara on Wednesday January 25, 2012. Great Shamballa bracelet pattern, I was wondering where to get one from. Am looking forward to trying it. Would like to see a bead weaving pattern to incorporate them. Ioanna on

Seed Beads 101


We will break down the basics and help get you started with seed beads. Seed Bead Terminology Seed Bead: A small bead usually round in shape used in loom bead weaving, off-loom bead weaving, and jewelry designs.

Animated How to Weave Super Right Angle Weave with Beads Illustrated with Doceri Software

Learn how to weave seed beads with a needle and thread to make a square patch of beads in this variation of right angle weave (RAW). I show a bracelet, ring, and pendant…

How to create a Spiral Weave Stitch – Beading In this beadweaving video from, there’s a quick way to create a beaded rope with different size seed beads, and this video will show you the simple pattern needed to create this wonderful stitch.

Bead 102 Swarovski crystal bead weaving This video shows how to make crystal figure round shape.

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