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Seed Bead Patterns (1/27/2012)

2012 January 27

Sandra asks…

Computer program for bead design?

Bead Tutorial Diagram Example

Bead Tutorial Diagram Example

I need a computer program that I can use for making bead designs. Needs to be flexible enough where I can select from seed beads, bugles, etc. and place them anywhere on my “page”. And then add the “string” to show the direction of threading. Only answer if you know of a program and please provide a link or give full name of product. Thanks!

BeadGal answers:

I saw instructions for what you want here: ” Welcome to the free software Inkscape beading diagram tutorial! You can download Inkscape for free from”:

Ruth asks…

What are the long skinny beads called?

bugle beads in bracelet

Bracelet using Bugle Beads

Long skinny small beads, often found in a mix with seed beads. Do they have a name? I am having trouble finding some, and the ones I do find are too short for what I want.

I went to Hobby Lobby and looked online at Michaels (but haven’t gone in) any suggestions on where to find them? I even tried looking on the Internet, but didn’t do much good because I don’t know what they are called.

BeadGal answers:

You’re probably thinking of the type of “tube beads” called “bugle beads.”

Definitely look for a local bead store – this should be a staple of most bead store – especially if they carry a lot of seed beads.

The longer bugle beads, as well as various kinds of metal tube beads, will be available especially at bead stores and bead suppliers online (like Fire Mountain Gems, Rio Grande, Rings ‘N Things, etc…. But some of those will have a minimum order requirement or be wholesale only):

Betty asks…

URGENT: best thread for 8/0 seed beads for ten strand 18″ necklace? ?

Beading Thread

Beading Thread

What is the best thread for 8/0 seed beads for a ten strand 18″ necklace, please? Please tell me the name, brand name, type and size or everything that applies here. I’m brand new at bead crafting. =)

Do I need fishing line like colorless nylon thread? (Don’t know what it’s called so just describing it) What size?

I need it for making strands of opalescent pale color Japanese glass seed beads.

I prefer NOT to use waxed thread due to allergies. And no wire for this one, needs to be soft not stiff.

I want to make an 18″ 10 strand necklace with a big floating pendant.

If you know the price for the thread, please let me know. Thanks ladies! ?

ALSO: do I make 10 separate strands and tie them at the end? If yes how do I tie them? If not how do I get the 10 strand look? Please HELP!!

BeadGal answers:

I would use nymo size D, a bobbin shouldn’t be very costly, perhaps about $1. As for your ends, you will need cord covers and a clasp. You will string your strands individually and knot them all together then apply the cover and clasp.

Rather than a long detailed description of how to finish this,as there are a number of different covers available, I suggest, they should have a tutorial.

If you’re going to a bead store for supplies the staff there should be able to assist you in how to complete your piece…they don’t usually bite and are happy to help!

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