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Peyote Stitch: Beading Q And A (12/12/2011)

2011 December 12

Mandy asks…

How do you do Uneven (Odd) Peyote stitching?

Odd Count Peyote

Odd Count Peyote

My mother is trying to make a beaded Turtle. The even and odd types of stitching in her book, by Design Originals, doesn’t show her how to do the stitches for uneven sides. (Different bead count in each line)

BeadGal answers:

This site shows you the different between the even count peyote and odd count peyote and how to do both:

There is a video on Beading Daily that teaches you the new easy old count turn:

Betty asks…

How do you do peyote stitch with beads?

seed beads

BeadGal answers:

Go to They have several peyote methods.

Lizzie asks…

What is a “peyote stitch”?

i was looking up how to make kandi and some say you need to do it to make them.

BeadGal answers:

This site has great instructions on all the peyote stitches:

Carol asks…

What is the difference between Peyote stitch and Ndebele beading techniques?

BeadGal answers:

A Peyote stitch places the beads in a staggered pattern  with the beads as seen here:

A Ndebele stitch places the beads in a straight row pattern to form multiple squares with the beads as seen here:

Sandra asks…

How to do a three drop peyote stitch, tubular- not flat?

My sister-in-law can’t find a site that shows it or anyone around that knows it!!!!

That’s what I do to- the odd count. But she has a fan that is similar to this, but tubular, and we can’t figure out how to get it started.
I mean, get it started so that it goes around rather than being flat. :)
Sorry, didn’t add in that if you check the link, you need to scroll down to view the three drop.

BeadGal answers:

These instructions teach you how to do tubular one drop peyote – I would try that first, then change it to three drop. You are going to do it just like the instructions, only substitute 3 beads for each one as you go around.


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