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Free Bead Patterns: Beading Q And A (12/16/2011)

2011 December 16

Mandy asks…

Looking for 3D crystal beaded patterns?

3d Beaded Crystal Santa Claus

3d Beaded Crystal Santa Claus

I have been looking for free patterns on the internet of hand beaded 3d pendants, such as Disney characters, hearts, crosses, animals, etc. these are made with crystal beads. Do you know some web sites where i may be able to find these.

BeadGal answers:

3-D Beaded Crystal Pendants –
She has tons of beaded crystal animal patterns, free, with tutorials. You can even start with the kids patterns, til you get a feel for her technique.

This site is all 3d beading:

Jenny asks…

I’m looking for a “Holly” beaded flower pattern (*hopefully free”)

BeadGal answers:

There are a lot of holly beading patterns for sell on this website – if you dig through them, you might find something for free, otherwise most of them are under $10.00 and many are under $5.00:

Betty asks…

Want a pattern for a different kind of beaded anklet. Where can I find one online?

I am new at beading, and having a lot of fun making all kinds of fun things. I want to make a anklet, but I want it to be kind of different. Can you tell me where I can find a pattern for one online for free?

BeadGal answers:

Ttry these links:

These are specific patterns – quite different from each other:

These links also have anklets:

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