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Free Bead Patterns: Beading Q And A (12/19/2011)

2011 December 19

Sharon asks…

Tiny beaded butterfly patterns?

Tiny Beading Patterns

Tiny Beading Patterns

I can’t figure out a great pattern for tiny butterflies. I do not want big ones because this is for cell phone charms and they should not be huge. Any ideas or free patterns? I have all types of beads to use.

BeadGal answers:

Hobby Loco has a bunch of little patterns – including a butterfly:

Betty asks…

Find a dolphin amulet bag pattern for free?

I am looking for a beading pattern of a dolphin amulet bag for free.

Donna asks…

Is there a free program I can use to turn an image into a bead pattern?

I know I can buy a program, but I really don’t have the money to do it =/
So I was wondering if there is an alternative to make an image into a bead pattern.

BeadGal answers:

This program (Bead Tool) has a free download edition and the only thing it really can’t do is print and save patterns. It can, however, make patterns from any photograph or scanned in drawing, etc. And you can print screen shots.

Here is their website:

They also have instructions for how to use it. If you like it, the program is very cheap at around $35 last time I checked.

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