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Free Bead Pattern Ideas: Beading Q And A (12/2/2011)

2011 December 2

Mary asks…

Native American Beading Patterns

Native American Beading Patterns

Where can I find patterns for Native American bead work?

I want to make something for my honey before the wedding and I have no idea where to find patterns for bead work and feathers.

BeadGal answers:

This place has a ton of them:

Ruth asks…

I need some beading ideas??

I need help finding beading ideas for projects like designs and patterns. Please help!

Maria asks…

Beading question – frustration with top-drilled beads – help, please!?

I have an issue with top-drilled beads!

I can think of so many lovely designs where, for example, you string top-drilled teardrop shaped beads in an alternating up and down facing pattern. I’ve seen similar designs in books etc and it always looks really pretty in the photos but how do you get the pesky things to lay in that position when the piece is being worn???

I can see that laying shapes such as triangles that are both big enough and close enough together would work, in the sense that each bead will keep the next one in place. But has anyone got any ideas for designs where the beads may be further spread out, with other beads of different shapes in between?

BeadGal answers:

You could try using 1mm crimps to space the beads out. If you used them between other beads you don’t really see them.

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