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Christmas Ornament Patterns: Beading Q And A (12/5/2011)

2011 December 5

Lizzie asks…

Where can I find Free Beaded Ornament Cover Patterns?

Beaded Christmas Ornaments

Beaded Christmas Ornaments

I am looking for FREE beaded Ornament cover Patterns. They could also be called Ornament toppers or Netted Ornaments. I am doing a Victorian Christmas and it is going to take awhile to make the ornaments so I am starting early.

Thanks for all the help!

BeadGal answers:

You might want to try Michaels and Jo-Anns. They have many free project (ie: Victorian Christmas ornaments). You can also check out Home and Gardens web-site and DIY. Source(s):

Betty asks…

I need a computer program for making ornaments?

Okay, I would like the program to have detail and be able to do diagrams. I make beaded Christmas ornaments and need to be able to make beads that can be placed on a large ball (or other shape) and give enough detail to see how many beads are a pin, or the size/shape of the bead. Everytime I find a link to such a program I find out the site is gone. Please help.

BeadGal answers:

I don’t know what type of ornaments you are making, but here are some sites that gives instructions for beading netting onto ornaments:

If you are talking about just using seed beads, I would search for designs. They also have free graph paper you can download, print, and you can sketch out your designs.
As far as bead design software, I would look at:

Sandy asks…

Where can I get instructions for Christmas tree ornaments?

I want to make Christmas tree ornaments using faceted or pearl pearl beads? I had a book of these instructions probably 25 years ago and I have lost it. The ornaments were about 2 to 3 inches tall.

BeadGal answers:

I would look at your local bead store to see if they have any books. You could also try a craft store. And has designers that often sell groups of related patterns or ornaments for a group price. You are sure to find something similar at one of these places.

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