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Seed Bead Projects: Beading Q And A (11/18/2011)

2011 November 18

Susan asks…

Seed Bead Projects

Seed Bead Projects

Can I use Nylon Bead thread with crimp beads?

I am currently working on a project which calls for seed beads to be hung from a metal crown. I am using Beadalon Bead Stringing wire with crimp beads but I don’t like the way it hangs, because frankly it just kinda looks too stiff for my taste. I am wondering if I could use some stretchy plastic or nylon type thread with crimp beads or will it slip out?


BeadGal answers:

I think the crimp beads would weaken or cut nylon or plastic, same for thread.

I believe you could use a fishing line, like Fireline, WildFire or PowerPro and crimp that.

Try gluing the knot, or glue the last bead on the string, glue will wick into the center whole of the bead if you hold it up to the nozzle and squeeze out a drop of glue.

Alternatives would be leather cord, elastic, or just some cording that you tie a pretty knot in the end.

Betty asks…

How do I determine what needle to use for my beading project?

I am beading bra straps as gifts and have 6mm elastic that I need to put on a needle to thread the seed beads. What type of needle will have an eye large enough to thread a 6mm thread?

BeadGal answers:

You can always make your own needle for threading beads. Use a fine wire (26 gauge or so works well, about 4-6 inches long) and fold it in half. Put the elastic into the loop of wire and twist the wire to form a needle around the elastic. String beads onto the needle and presto! If you are sewing beads onto the elastic, like bead embroidery, just about any needle will do the trick (sewing needle, beading needle, etc)

Donna asks…

I cut a cord too short on a beading project. Help?

I’m trying to make a little seedbead cell phone charm in the way that you usually use pony beads. I tied a knot to finish it, tested the knot, and cut it. As soon as I cut it, it came loose! There’s only about 1/2″ of cord left on each side. I spent way too much time on it to just start over. What should I do?

BeadGal answers:

What about hitting it with a hot glue gun or superglue to hold the last bead in place. Other than that I think your going to have to rip it apart.

Linda asks…

SEED BEADS — quality of different types of seed beads?

I have a question about seed beads…… I’ve heard that the metallic ones eventually lose their color. I’ve heard that the “lined” ones eventually lose their lining. So my questions are the following…..

1) Is it true that metallic seeds and lined seeds lose their quality over time?
2) What other seeds lose their quality over time?
3) Are Ceylon seed beads lined? I just bought some and they looked lined on the inside….
4) What can I expect from different types of seed beads over time??

I ask because I don’t want to do a project with beads that will change and then all my hard work fades away……


BeadGal answers:

1. Yes. Especially in applications which may need to be washed (clothing) or otherwise exposed to water (bracelets).
2. Beads listed as “inside color” or “Color lined”. These beads are usually clear or colored transparent glass that are usually lined with colored paint. This can wear out just like the silver lined beads.
3. No. They usually have a finish that is baked on. They are fairly stable in most applications.
4. Most solid color (opaque) and “true color” beads are very reliable and long lasting in color. A metallic finish can fade or tarnish, as will most metallic lined beads.

Your best bet is to buy a small amount of the beads you are thinking of using and then subject them to your own wear testing. String some beads and wash them, roll them around on the string to see how well the lining or finish holds up. Maybe apply a lacquer coat to metallic beads to see if it will protect the finish or affect the look.

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