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Free Peyote Stitch Patterns: Beading Q And A (11/9/2011)

2011 November 9

Mary asks…

Easy Turn Odd Count Peyote

Easy Turn Odd Count Peyote

How to I do odd count peyote stitch with beads?

I’m struggling with the odd count turns, Thanks.

BeadGal answers:

There is a video on Beading Daily that teaches you the new easy old count turn:

Lizzie asks…

Is there a peyote stitch pattern for Hello Kitty?

If there is can you send a link or how to make patterns. Please!!!

BeadGal answers:

This was a bit tricky to find:

Hello Kitty sitting on a 5 petal pink flower background, with a square border

Jenny asks…

Can you use peyote stitch with cuff patterns?

Can you use like these patterns with peyote stitch:

BeadGal answers:

It looks like those are done with peyote stitch – just with large pony beads. There is no reason you couldn’t do the same pattern with round seed beads or Delica seed beads.

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