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Free Beaded Patterns: Beading Q And A (11/7/2011)

2011 November 7

Donna asks…

Beaded Safety Pin Patterns

Beaded Safety Pin Patterns

Where can I find free patterns for beaded safety pin lamps?

I want to find free downloadable patterns for the beaded safety pin lamps. Not the kits just the pattern.

BeadGal answers:

Look around the internet for ideas.

You may want to design your own – try this site to get you going:

And is it for a lamp? Or lampshade?

For a lampshade you can usually use an old lampshade (of the size you want to make) as a guide. First, bead the safety pins and then join them together with craft wire (colored wire is fun)

Helen asks…

Where can I find Free Beaded Ornament Cover Patterns?

I am looking for FREE beaded Ornament cover Patterns. They could also be called Ornament toppers or Netted Ornaments. I am doing a Victorian Christmas and it is going to take awhile to make the ornaments so I am starting early.

BeadGal answers:

There’s a free one here along with lots of other great Christmas crafts:

Maria asks…

Where can I find free patterns for beaded christmas ornament covers?

I’ve seen the one on about,com, I’ve scoured, and I can’t find any decent ornament patterns. Please post links to patterns! Thank you!

BeadGal answers:

I know you said you’ve seen the ONE from about… But I found two…
The last link is a search for “beaded ornament covers” on amazon. Maybe your local library will have a couple of them, or you could try ebay to get them a little cheaper.


Laura asks…

Beaded hat band patterns free link?

I was wondering if any one here may have any sites that offer free beaded work.

I am specifically looking for a head band patterns for my cowboy hat.


BeadGal answers:

You can take any design that would form a line or a band and put it in stretchy cord according to the measurement of your hat.

Here is a link with a bunch of patterns:

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