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Free Beaded Necklace Patterns: Beading Q And A (11/4/2011)

2011 November 4

Sandy asks…

Easy Necklace Pattern

Please… I am desperate for patterns I can follow to make a necklace with small beads!?

Please help with a link to a website or something!!!

Helen asks…

How to know what length to cut for a hemp necklace, and patterns?

I’m kind of freehanding a hemp necklace, for want of a better word. I don’t want a choker, but something with a few extra inches that rests a tiny bit above my collarbone, about a half inch above where my neck starts. I cannot find a pattern for exactly what I want to do. I will be stringing random, small beads on it. I want it to look sort of dainty, but also not too much at the same time. I am thinking of using the spiral style, I think it looks great.

So I guess, how much hemp cord would I need to use for this specific knotting style and length that I want to achieve, plus beads? (Beads probably won’t make too much of a difference in length I want to account for, I assume.)

Also, what knotting styles would you think looks best for what I want to achieve.

Thanks so much for the help! If you could explain or send me a link that would be wonderful.

BeadGal answers:

This site has good basic info, nice pictures and useful links.

Sharon asks…

Native American-style necklaces? Beaded necklaces?

Hey! So the deal is I love making beaded necklaces and coming up with my own patterns. I’ve always admired the beauty of Native American-style neckalces but how do you make them?? They’re like these
I’m especially interested in the necklace designs that are labelled J2 and J7. Do you know how to make them like that?

BeadGal answers:

That kind of beadwork is “running stitch” beadwork or “surface beading” or just “bead embroidery” –in this case to make Native American “medallions.”

Check out some of these links, or just use some of those terms to do more searching for lessons, books, YouTube videos, etc:”bead+embroidery”

Mary asks…

Beading Patterns.?

My boyfriends mother got me hooked on beading. We live in a kinda small town and there is only one bead studio here, and they don’t have many patterns. Does anyone know of any good sites with free beading patterns online to make bracelets and necklaces? Ive tried looking and haven’t found many things that are what I am looking for, and I’m mainly finding knitting things and beading not involving necklaces or bracelets. If you could help me, it would be great! thanks!

BeadGal answers:

You can find them in beading magazines as well as pattern books at WalMart and Michaels and Hobby Lobby. They are online as well.

Try the following links:

Those ought to get you started…and you can research more from those

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