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Beaded Patterns Odds and Ends: Beading Q And A (11/11/2011)

2011 November 11

Helen asks…

Beaded Earring Pattern

Beaded Earring Pattern

Are there any earring “patterns” out there?

I have a particular style in mind, just want to tweak what I’ve seen a little. I don’t want to buy a kit – I would like to choose my own wire, beads/gems, etc. Just want a pattern to help me navigate through the process. Thanks!

BeadGal answers: has a number of patterns and videos.

Nancy asks…

Looking for a beaded poinsettia pattern?

My mother in law asked me to make her some poinsettia earrings for Christmas but cannot find a cute FREE pattern anywhere, anyone have any suggestions. Thanks a bunch!

BeadGal answers:

I hope this is useful.


Betty asks…

How to make basket weave jewelry?

I am trying to find a pattern for a basket weave necklace. made with liquid silver and turquoise heishi beads

BeadGal answers:

That’s not really enough info, but try some of the ones in these Image searches:

Carol asks…

How to make a “seed bead Friendship bracelet”?

I need instructions to make a seed bead friendship bracelet but i cant find any does anyone know how or where to fine any for it??

BeadGal answers:

I made one of those years ago with a bead loom. I found this video that might help you:

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