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Free Seed Bead Patterns: Beading Q And A (10/26/2011)

2011 October 26

Helen asks…

Seed Bead Patterns

Seed Bead Patterns

Need new seed bead projects?

I would like a project that only uses seed beads I am pretty limited on colors but i will buy them if needed. I have floss tiger tail and beading wire for use I would rather use one of those three and not have to by more I also have a beading loom. I would like these projects to be simple and free. thank you in advance.

BeadGal answers:

Here are a bunch of patterns places for you to check out.

Free Bead Patterns

Here’s where to find all of the free bead patterns available on this site. These bead patterns cover a variety of beadwork stitches, beading techniques and bead projects.

Bead Patterns and Stitches – Free Beaded Projects
Beaded paterns and projects with tutorials on bead stitches. … The free seed bead pattern section of the site is undergoing a complete revamp 😉 all old patterns are …

Step by Step Bead and Jewelry Projects from
Step by Step Beads Magazine – Free step by step beading projects. … Free Ladder Rings pattern from Getting started with Seed Beads

Free Seed Bead Patterns – LoveToKnow Crafts
Free seed bead patterns can be used to help you make a variety of fun items for your home. … Japanese seed beads have a uniform look that makes them great for projects where …

free projects – Beading Daily
free projects section of Beading Daily covers what you need to know about free projects patterns. From step-by-step free projects instructions, to …

Betty asks…

Seed bead jewelry thread?

I have been making seed bead jewelry for a while and the only problem I have is when I add more thread I can’t find a way to get rid of the ends. I’ve tried burning it off and it either clumps and looks ugly or it burns the beads, and I’ve tried just stitching the ends into earlier rows of my project and they always come loose and I end up cutting them off. I’m looking at selling these and I can’t have these things happening. Is there any kind of thread I could use that would seal off if I burn it or technique I could use to get rid of the ends? Thank you!

BeadGal answers:

Put a little glue on the end of the thread before you weave it into your project to hide the ends. You may also want to put a little glue on the final knot.

Laura asks…

Help with a bead project?

I am trying to create a Barrette Center circle with seed beads. The directions say that I need to work 9 rounds of circular square stitch. What does that mean??

BeadGal answers:

This means to bead in a circle using the square stitch which is the same as a off loom stitch. Then you need to do 9 rows.  Here is a link to a turtorial.


This link has excellent photos of step by step. Make sure you scroll down, the begnining is Square stitch basic, then the variations come as you go down . Circular is there.

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