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Free Seed Bead Bracelet Patterns: Beading Q And A (10/21/2011)

2011 October 21

Maria asks…

Seed Bead Bracelet Patterns

Seed Bead Bracelet Patterns

I need help finding a seed bead bracelet pattern?

I’m looking for a bracelet pattern called Lucie’s Daisy Patch by Kelli Burns. It was on the cover of beadwork issue April/May 2008. I was wondering if anyone knew how to get the pattern online.

Donna asks…

What are some seed bead bracelet/necklace pattern ideas?

BeadGal answers:

I’m assuming you are looking for beadweaving ideas? offers a lot of patterns, some of which are free. Bead and Button magazine (online, or in print) has may patterns available for use. If you want to make your own patterns, find some graph paper (or find paper unique to a bead stitch in a beading book) and color in your own pattern ideas. Things you could do are stripes, polka dots, animal prints, flowers, and so on. Sometimes, you don’t need a recognizable pattern if you are using an interesting beading stitch like the St. Petersburg chain or ndebele stitch. It’s always interesting to use one color (or color family) and switch it up with different bead finishes (matte, satin, rainbow, etc).

Helen asks…

I need free patterns for bead jewelry?

Does anyone know a good place online to get free patterns for seed bead jewelry?

BeadGal answers:

Try – they have a lot frepatterns and patterns you buy.

Linda asks…

How to make a seed bead bracelet?

i went to a craft fair today and saw these beautiful beaded bracelets which the lady told me were basic seed bead bracelet patterns.

this is a picture that i found online.

can anyone tell me how to make one (not the color pattern because i just want to use these really pretty pink beads I found) ? or send me the link to a website that has easy instructions? i haven’t done much beading but thought it might be a fun crafty idea to try.


BeadGal answers:

It appears to be done in peyote stitch. So if you don’t want a “pattern” any peyote primer would give you the basics.

The latest copy of Bead and Button magazine would have the basic technique, as would the latest issue of nearly any beading publication. You might also check your local library for books that include peyote. There are also videos available on youtube that teach this stitch:

I have included that one link to a video tutorial but there are countless other sites that may also have a tutorial if this one is not detailed enough for you.

You may also do it in vertical brick stitch which may be easier depending on your skill level, but it won’t offer as fluid a piece. Brick stitch tends to work up a bit stiffer and I would think for a bracelet you really want the fluidity of peyote.

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