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Free Peyote Stitch Bead Patterns: Beading Q And A (10/17/2011)

2011 October 17

Sandra asks…

Free Peyote Bead Patterns

Free Peyote Bead Patterns

I need to know where I can find FREE peyote stitch beaded banners?

I need large banner patterns. Thanks for the help.

BeadGal answers:

Not sure what kind of beads you are looking at using, but for large beaded banners with pony beads, this site has free ones and ones you can buy:

Linda asks…

Where can I find a pattern for a 3d beaded frog that is done in peyote stitch?

I am looking for a 3d beaded frog pattern done in peyote stitch. I saw it about a year ago on beadcoop and now it is gone. (I didn’t buy it then because I had just started beading and was slightly intimidated) Any one that knows where to find this pattern or has it and would be willing to share, you would make my day. I have been hunting for this for the last month and haven’t been able to find it. And please don’t suggest I go to, they don’t have it. And has the RAW tutorial which is not what I am looking for either, nor is anything done working with wire ( I have already made a bunch of these and it’s cute but not exactly what I am wanting).

BeadGal answers:

There was a pattern like this in a Bead and Button at one point. I know they keep a list of past projects on their website, perhaps you could find it there. I have also seen a book that had several animals in it and one of the patterns was a tree frog, so you might look for that.

This one is a baby frog, but it is not 3D:

Helen asks…

Does anybody know where I can find a 3D beaded star pattern?

I am a very enthusiastic bead weaver and lover of stars. So when I was on and came across a tiny 3 dimensional beaded star, I fell in love. Ever since I saw it I have been searching the internet for a pattern but haven’t had much luck. I’ve seen some patterns for bigger 3D stars, but I really have my heart set on the small one. Does anybody know where I can purchase a pattern for the small 3 dimensional peyote stitch stars?

There is a link to a picture of the stars I am asking about. Thank you in advance for your help!

BeadGal answers:

Here is a link to a 3d beaded star pattern. It is done with seed beads but once you complete the pattern with the seed beads so you get a feel for the way the pattern works, you can create the star with delicas as well.

The artist is now selling the pattern for those stars:

Here are some other star patterns – free ones:


Good luck!

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