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Free Bead Weaving Patterns: Beading Q And A (10/31/2011)

2011 October 31

Lisa asks…

Does anyone have any Christmas beaded ornament patterns they would like to swap?

Beaded Christmas Ornaments

Beaded Christmas Ornaments

I have a couple seed bead ornament patterns and have changed them to suit my taste but I am looking for more… if you have any that you would like to share or swap please let me know.

BeadGal answers:

Sandra asks…

Where can I go to get a pattern to make a seed bead necklace made in the shape of a cross?

BeadGal answers:

The basic bead weaving directions can be found at: and if you draw out your design, you could make your cross from this.

I also found a pattern for purchase, which you could alter to your taste if you wanted. It is listed for $4.00. This is found at:

Good luck!

Susan asks…

How do I make those flat seed bead bracelets?

I dont know what they’re called. I wanted to make a rasta colored bracelet for my boyfriend. I wanted it to be like one color each. Do you know where I could find a pattern?

BeadGal answers:

Go to
They offer all kinds of designs and instructions to make some outstanding pieces.

Nancy asks…

Seed bead earrings: Where can I find the instructions for this pattern?

Those are the chandelier earrings I’m trying to make. I forgot how to make them.. and I’ve been searching online for the instructions for the pattern.. Can anyone help me find these instructions online?

Maria asks…

Is there a specific term for a picture made out of seed beads?

There are websites like and whatnot that sell beading patterns–what colors you should use, whether the pattern is for a loom/square or peyote stitch–but my question is, what is the term for these already-created pieces of art? -Is- there a term for them?

BeadGal answers:

“bead weaving” art

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