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Free Bead Loom Patterns: Beading Q And A (10/14/2011)

2011 October 14

Mary asks…

Bead Loom

Bead Loom

How do I tie off the ends of a bead loom when the beads have been taken off the loom?

I just started to bead loom and I completed a pattern but I never tied off the ends to secure the beads. How can I do this now that the pattern has been taken off the loom

BeadGal answers:

It’s easier, as you say, to do it while on the loom, but you can still secure the ends. Probably the easiest to do is a simple overhand knot very close to the last row of beads. You will need to stabilze the item you made somehow so it doesn’t move, and then tie a knot in bunches of a couple to several threads at a time. If you want to make a neat ending, there are several good ways to do it… They take a bit of work, but may be worthwhile.
Good tutorial here:

Sharon asks…

Where can I find a Website that offers Free Beading Patterns?

I am specifically looking for Free Patterns for On-Loom Bead Weaving..Celtic Patterns. Any Ideas

BeadGal answers:

If these websites don’t satisfy your thirst just google free bead loom patterns or free bead loom weaving patterns:

Happy beading!

Lisa asks…

I am bead looming and I’m looking for small patterns can someone help?

I just started bead looming on a small loom and I can’t find any patterns online for a small one just big ones. I make bracelets, ankle bracelets and necklaces

BeadGal answers:

Here are some one inch wide patterns that repeat – you can make them as long as you want:

They also have a variety of sizes:

Lizzie asks…

Where can I find FREE clip art/graphics of flowers, wildlife, geometric patterns I can turn into bead work?

I do loom bead work and am looking for small pictures, about 4-6 inches wide, length does not matter.

Helen asks…

I need bead weaving patterns for looms. Please no jewelry patterns, I want picture patterns.

BeadGal answers:

Coyote’s Game Native American Indian Beadwork menu page. … In the creation of patterns typical of the Native Americans who created them:

Leggings attached to shoes have also been produced by Native Americans. Undecorated, but geometric bead and quillwork patterns often decorated them:

Phenomenal Patterns for Phenomenal Beaders! Native Americans Series!!!

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