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Free Bead Weaving Patterns: Beading Q And A (10/3/2011)

2011 October 3

Sandra asks…

Beaded Starfish

Beaded Starfish

Where can I find patterns for bead woven animals?

The little ones people make out of sead beads and they are small and 3-D. Where do I find free patterns for those?

BeadGal answers:
Both these sites have patterns for three dimensional beading hope it helps.

Helen asks…

Any RAW bead patterns?????

I really love beading & I would really like to see any right angle weave animal patterns.

BeadGal answers:

One of my favorite online site for beading patterns is If you go and use the search terms raw animals you will find patterns for animals.

Donna asks…

Beads patterns to make ring napkins holders?

I have lots of colorful plastic beads and I want to make those rings to hold the napkins.
Can anyone suggest where I can find the graphic patterns scheme on how to weave the beads.
Please I need it real simple and easy to follow.

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