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Tools For Beading: Beading Q And A (9/14/2011)

2011 September 14

Sandra asks…

Jewelry Making Tools and Supplies

Jewelry Making Tools and Supplies

Does anyone out there know a store that carries the complete line of tools used in making beaded accessories?

I am looking for a store that sells a bead board and other tools used to make beaded accessories.

BeadGal answers:

On line: Fire Mountain Gems is the best. If you want a real world store then Michael’s Craft Stores have a large and complete selection of beads, boards and tools; everything you will need. Most big cities have at least one Michael’s store.

Sandy asks…

Where can I buy jewelry making tools?

I am really interested in making silver wire jewelry, but I don’t have any single tools and wire for it. If I don’t want to purchase the things online, where can I buy the tools. I mean what shop usually sell those tools, silver wire and beads.

BeadGal answers:

Michaels or Joanns

Betty asks…

What kind of tools do I need to make beads from granite?

I have loads of granite scraps at my work and would love to make beads for jewelry. What type of cutting & polishing tools would I need to work with and where would I get them? Are there any online sites that carry tools to create beads?

BeadGal answers:

Most bead tool sites on the web cater to people who make glass beads but a rock tumbler, a Dremel Rotary tool, a small vise and lots of patience will get you started. Just be warned in advance-the smaller the beads the more work it will take. Have fun!

Lisa asks…

Jewelry making basic tools?

I want to start making jewelry and selling it. I have some books and I’ve look all over the internet but I can’t find what basic tools I needs for making earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. I don’t want to buy a bunch of stuff in case I find out I can’t do it and because I’m very short on cash. What are some basic things (besides beads) that I would need to get started?

BeadGal answers:

Needle nose pliers are a must, even if you are just starting out. Get a cloth place mat to bead on – it keeps the beads from rolling. Or one of those non-skid rubbery things you put down on the floor under your rug? Those are great! If you have a Dollar Tree in your area, check them for tools such as pliers and wire cutters. Sometimes they even stock beads & findings. It pays to drop in every so often & see what they have. Crimp beads are a must & tiger tail beading wire, which is very thin strands of steel covered in vinyl. Tiger tail will hold almost any type of bead for a long time. When you make a little money, you may want to invest in a pair of round nose pliers (to make jump rings & loops), crimping pliers (puts a very nice touch to a plain flattened crimp bead) and crimp covers. Findings are a must, too. Findings are the clasps, earring wires, jump rings, everything you need to finish off your work.

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